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Direct insights happen without words~

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“Follow your intuitive insightfulness! Heed its subtlest intimations, even if you can’t put them into words.”
“Direct insights happen without words. It is a mistake to believe that only what is expressible can really be true. The Truth exists beyond all expressions.”
“The Mystery all around us is so ungraspable that our limited concepts can only point at it.”
“Now trust your most delicate feelings. They speak to you more clearly than any words.”
~Gayan Silvie Winter and Jo Dose

Authority . . .


The reason people awaken

As you mature and align yourself with the spirit within you become your own judge and mentor. You no longer seek validation from external sources, but act according to what feels right in your heart no matter the consequences. You understand that your honest response to whatever appears in your world is an expression of spirit, and that resisting it equals a rejection of the God force within you.

Stepping into our own authority is usually a gradual process for most of us. You will be tested again again in how much you trust the spirit within, especially when your survival is at stake. You will also be tested in terms of how you express authority.

In order to avoid diving into a hateful rebellious attitude to opposing forces using violence as a mean to resume your authority, you must understand that whomever you interact with is yourself dressed up…

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Heart Rules – Chapter Four continued….

A Cosmic Ride



 True contact is the essence of relationship. It is not just sex I’m talking about here (although that is part of it). Real, heart-to-heart contact connects us at a core level, with the centre of another. The feeling generated by this contact is pure spirit!  It is above and beyond the body, but at the same time deeply dependent on the body. We need the separateness of our physicality to be able to merge with another – and in doing so link with the essential oneness that is the true nature of life.

 To reiterate, the ultimate force in the universe is the attractive force of love. The true heart of love is connection. Our ability to make deep, meaningful contact with another person is concomitant on the level of spiritual awareness, or consciousness, we have. There is a direct correlation between our psychological maturity (the ability to have…

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A Message from the Angels – Dancing into the Great Unknown – 30 June 2013, by Tazjima

Posted on June 30, 2013


We are the Angelic Legions of the Divine Mother. We come to you today with more words of encouragement. Feel them in your heart as you read for with your heart you understand the language of the soul, the language of light that has no words. Continue reading “Tazjima”




June 30-July 6, 2013

Beloved Ones,

You now begin to move forward into the remembrance of your true purpose and work here upon the planet. The veils have become thinner and the distinction between dimensions is not as great now. This period will be filled with wondrous and miraculous events, both on personal and collective levels. Continue reading “Hilarion”