Sacred partnerships & Divine relationships



Published on Apr 17, 2013

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Our relationships are transitioning because we are. Those who are still searching outside of themselves, to find a perfect “mate”, a so-called Soul mate or a Twin flame, are seeking at the wrong place. The only true space where this sacred partnerships can enfold, is always within. In order to experience and explore a Divine partnership within a Divine Reunion within and without, we are to become sacred initiates of the Divine first. This sacred Self Reunion enfolds within, when we reach the chambers of our inner Perfection … our individualized beauty and Source perfection. This can only be achieved through embodying our sacred Heart Essence. When we are ready to embrace our wholeness, we step into our completion and we no longer seek outside of ourselves. If we feel so, we already know (feel) that a perfect Divine partnership is there for us, but that does not stop us from experiencing the most sacred Divine partnership with ourselves, as that is the basis of everything. We do not wait for anyone or anything to catch up or follow us in our Self alignment … we simply embody all of our Self here and Now!

Even when we are in an intimate Divine partnership, it will always be service to All That Is oriented, and it will include other individuals as our Divine companions and co-creators, because a sacred partnership simply isn’t exclusive … it is a sacred Union that is focused around encompassing everyone and it’s all inclusive. But first, we need to be ready for it ourselves, by embodying every aspect of such a connection. That is when can simply experience Source and live it not just through ourselves, but through another, who is our perfect mirror and reflection … on all levels of our Being! Not just the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical … but all the levels of our multidimensional Self! When we are ready to embrace all parts of our totality, then and only then … such a Divine Reunion can take place externally as well.

So stop seeking and embrace what is already there … within You!

Within Divine Love, Polona

Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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