Beyond the Indigo Children

Source: Galactic Free Press

Beyond the Indigo Children: The New Generation of Lightworkers and Revolutionaries is Emerging

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By MomT – Posted on 06 April 2013

The Healers Journal Posted by Admin April 6, 2013

HJ: The indigo/crystal/millennial children certainly have their work cut out for them.  They are here to dismantle and replace the outdated and oppressive societal structures of the last few thousand years, raising the consciousness of the planet in the process.  No small task, and so far, their solutions have been nothing short of brilliant.  The simultaneous rise of the internet, which paralleled their evolution from childhood, and now, into adulthood, has given them unprecedented, intensely powerful tools with which to do their work, and what work they do… Many of us might only see change for what it means right now, but when looked at in the larger context of history, we can see how everyday technologies created by this emerging generation are fundamentally changing how we as a society operate and think. Read more

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