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Thursday, 28 February 2013

What are your patterns telling you ?

So how did you cope with the full moon energies that have built up over the past few days? did you sail through them or did you feel as if you were dissolving in a soggy mess of emotions?  we ask because once more the energetic climate of planet earth has changed and the new earth energies are now fully anchoring. These energies do not support any of the energetic patterning of the old earth and it is the word PATTERN that we wish to draw your attention to for this blog. For human life is a series of patterns that we interact with and many we interact with and do not give conscious thought to, these are the ones where most of the teachings of distortion sit within and these are the ones that you are being asked to dissolve in order to move fully into the new earth.

Many of you may feel challenged in many areas of human life at this time or in one particular area, it will of course depend on what you are being asked to release, often it is the teachings that are the deepest that we cannot see for that is how they have managed to exist for so long by being beneath our radar. But when we begin to live from the heart space and FEEL there is nowhere for these teachings to effectively hide for even when we cannot see something we can FEEL it and we are aware, then it is a matter of TRUST and FAITH in SELF and the process for as you allow the harmonisation process to unfold you will illuminate that which needs illuminating in divine timing. Read more


gaia_energy1Fortifications of purpose come to those aligning with Gaia energetics. Those of more Galactic essence find detachment from Gaia energetics may be necessary, as “humanity” transitions to “Hue-manity”.

Those aligned with Gaia-purpose have been intensified energetically, and given clear instruction via Deep Heart Guidance.

Judgement of any kind of any humanity or Hue-manity unit serves none but surface-ego, and only allows veil illusion to appear to continue.

Alignment with Gaia energetics…
Alignment with Galactic energetics…
Alignment with Cosmic energetics…

Each has its function. Each is to be honored.

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One World Rising


For me personally, what makes life so interesting and exciting is the wonders and magic of the unknown world around us. I guess if I could be anything in this life time I would have to label myself a pioneer. I crave the idea of discovering the unknown, being the first to welcome in new things. I can’t understand why people are so afraid of it. I can understand change and the discomfort with not knowing where you will go next or what you will do, but to fear the unknown is something we were taught to do. Stop the fear! I thoroughly enjoy learning new things which is why I probably embrace this whole way of thinking. Pioneer is a good name for me in every sense of the word. We all need to be pioneers and expand our boundaries outward to include the magic of the unknown…

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Laura Bruno's Blog

Just a quick reminder that we’re crossing some bizarre energy ripples right now, which have the power to distort in strange and sometimes scary ways. Whether you call it Mercury Retrograde in dreamy, illusion-inducing Pisces, Archontic influence of off-world beings instigating and surfing negative emotions, or simply empathing some of the intense disaster posturing of our world right now, many people are experiencing flare-ups. Emotions, spiritual issues, identity crises, physical pain that outreaches the actual diagnosis, thoughts that won’t stop recycling: yep. I’m feeling it, and I know so many others are as well, because I’m hearing from you in sessions!

Take a breath.

And another breath.

Release the long exhale.

Now breathe again.

This, too, shall pass. There seems to be some sort of collective die-off happening right now, a global healing crisis in which the human immune system has suddenly realized, “Holy, freakin’ conspiracy FACT, we have been…

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Maureen Moss

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Maureen Moss ~ The Truth About Your Transformation ~28 February 2013

FatherMotherGod Amon Ra's picturemaur

By FatherMotherGod… – Posted on 28 February 2013

In recent weeks I have been made well aware, through Emails, sessions and more than a few close to me, that many are in despair now while being in a space of not knowing, or what I call “sacred space where transformation occurs.” For many, this space is unfamiliar, dark and deeply uncomfortable, immediately signaling to the mind and ego: Danger Ahead! Fight For Your Life!

Please don’t listen to ‘them.’ It’s the exact opposite. We are in a magnificent consciousness shift, and it’s quiet. The ego and mind don’t particularly like this, as they were comfortable in the old noisy, dramatic, grasping and clawing paradigm.

Each of us are being prepared to merge with the new 5th Dimensional paradigm filled with new choices, new perspectives, a new life, and a raised consciousness, unable to be recognized by you if you didn’t enter this still space. Read more

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aisha north

Today you have entered a brand new phase dear ones, one where you will feel the breath of fresh air starting to tingle on your face. For you have once again exited a tunnel of travail, and now, you will feel as if you have left something rather cumbersome behind in that tunnel, and you are free to move in a much more lively fashion. For you have once again stripped yourself of some old raiments, things that have been stuck to you for such a long time, you had almost forgotten they were even there in the first place. So take some time to celebrate yourself today, as you are once again buoyant enough to rise even higher into this pristine air.

We speak in parables as usual, but we think you will all understand just what we mean by this. And even if some of the things we…

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