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Soluntra King


 Love is all there is, the shift has happened and we are vibrating from a lot higher octaves of our unified multi-dimensional self. The old ways will now fall away easily as humanity has made the leap and the Earth is a Star and so are we.
The Sun that we are from our hearts, one with all creation now integrated within us.

For some playing out beautifully for others still asleep the rumblings of change are a coming. Nothing can stay in the old lower vibrations anymore. We are on the fifth dimensional Earth with the love that we are pulsing through us and opening our hearts to live by the ‘Law of One’.
The shift has changed many things and for some it’s very obvious, for others more subtle and for some they have noticed nothing. But the pure love that has enveloped us and assisted us to shift frequency and let got the old paradigm attitudes and ways of operating is here.

From my own personal observation I was made aware on the morning of the 22nd December that the Inner Earth Sun had become liquid light plasma and she was glowing, our Earth had become a Star, and so have we. I was fortunate enough to be facilitating a group of beautiful light beings in human bodies up at the Crown Chakra of the New Earth on the day new birth, the 22nd December. Opening to the Sixth Cycle as it anchored through the top of the mountain, Mt Akum, or Mt Titiroa on its third density name in the South Island, New Zealand.

More on that later but I observed instantly how our EarthSun Body had also become liquid light plasma. The Earthsun Body is created through the union of the Inner Earth Sun and Sun through our Heart and Soulight chakras. It is a tuning folk and connects all our bodies to all the Earths’ bodies and aligns one to be open to the higher light octaves and new light codes. Now it has become liquid light as well. Also up until then we would sense the pulse of light and consciousness through our heart from the Galactic Centre, and then connect into the crossover point within the heart and one with the Galactic Centre crossover point all one and we would be through. Now from the 22nd it’s already there in our heart, the heart of the Galaxy is the heart of our heart, no separation.

Our hearts have been opening wider as we know as we heal and unify, but on the Solar Eclipse in November the Earths heart beat changed and so did ours, the higher octaves of light and divine love blasting us from within in preparation.

On Christmas day I was spending time with my mum and she will always asks about my dad, her husband, and her parents, dads parents and her brothers and other relatives who have passed over. In the past they would appear to me dressed and looking like they did on Earth. Over the years they have been in a healing process gradually improving. My maternal grandmother was in a hospital for awhile, my uncles both who had experienced a lot of trauma and sadness in life were doing different things to get better, one was always building a house. My dad had instantly gone to higher realms on passing and was always fine in fact I worked with him at times in bigger picture. This time when I went to say hi to them and pass on messages to my mum they were all in light and appeared as light beings. They also spoke with wisdom and deep understanding and compassion. They had all made it through as well.

Other things I notice, in my own life I have always followed my joy and was not able to do tick tock as it was too limiting and stressful for me. I was always busy with my spiritual mission and so trusted for abundance always. But now I notice people I have know who were still not able to trust are now doing so. I and everyone I know are regrouping about how we operate and creating a joyful, easier way of doing things and getting more of a life. A life of experiencing living in the fifth dimensional Earth full  of abundance, joy, love and peace, we have now graduated to be who we truly are still in a body. Read more

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I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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