Sandra Walter

Source: Creative Evolution

Let all those who are called arise and speak the truth – this SUNday

by Sandra Walter on October 18, 2012

May the clear light of truth radiate through your heart
to those who Source has called to hear the message of eternity.

The frequency this week is giving us a taste of how prepared our bodies and psyche are for the core of the window. Just 62 days until the 12-21-12 marker, and 52 until the 12-12-12 portal. Whew. How is everyone doing?

I look at my experiences with the understanding that I’m living on a giant vortex. That is my choice, and the way my journey is headed I now see why I was guided to stay put and not go to Sedona this Fall. Meanwhile, Shasta is making me feel weightless this week. I AM definitely not all here. The pulses and vibrations through my body, especially through my back, legs and feet are downright hilarious at times. It’s like being plugged into a socket – or vortex – and I wanted to share some of the freakiness that many of us are encountering as we get closer to December. Read more

Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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