The Oracle Report

Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Saturday, September 29 – Sunday, September 30, 2012

Full Moon Phase (Harvest Moon) in Aries

Venus reaches the position of the New Moon in Leo (“after a dark storm, a rainbow”) – the point which began the re-formation of our energetic fields (and lives) after the turning point one month before.  But we don’t have a rainbow, exactly; we have a “moonbow” – as captured in this picture taken overnight by Darag M over the skies of Donegal, Ireland (from  It’s a moonbow of the Harvest Moon, the Full Moon that has, since ancient times, enabled those grounded with the Earth to gather the bounty of her harvest long after dark.  That’s what we will be doing this weekend: gathering wisdom long after the dark.  Our mental bodies are trying to catch up to the upgrade that our physical bodies received over the past three months.  If you find yourself feeling exceptionally tired, this is your cue to lay down and sleep.  The mental processing is enhanced by a CME released yesterday (as expected) and hitting Earth directly this weekend.  Remember I mentioned that this sunspot activity was working on the subconscious mind while it was on the far side of the Sun and as we approached the Full Moon it would erupt to bring things into manifestation.  It’s manifesting first on our conscious mind, and once we have processed it, it will begin to manifest concretely in our lives.  Change your mind, change your world – that’s how it works; it’s alchemy.

There’s enough going on in our minds right now so I don’t need to add much else, except try to catch the moonbow and view the full spectrum of things (all aspects), be kind to yourself as this processing occurs, and don’t spend too much energy thinking about Saturn moving into Scorpio on Friday.  (I should have mentioned that the transit will last beginning this Friday until Christmas Eve 2014.)  I suggest a group meditation by all the wise owls when Saturn does enter Scorpio on Friday, October 5 at 4:34 pm EDT/ 8:34 pm GMT (and Jean, please let me know if my time conversion is off!).  I will have more to say about this on Monday.  For now, enjoy the Full Moon and harvest some good wisdom!

Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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