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Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gibbous Moon Phase – Moon in Pisces

The keywords for today are crystal and crystallization.  If you have had trouble tuning in and communicating with the Mother energy of the planet, break out one of your crystals and go outside.  Crystals amplify and carry signals, so the boost may be just what you need.  The message may not come through right at that time, but it will enact resonance so that communication is easier.  Keep in mind that we are all receiving messages directly from the planet this month, but what we are really doing is tuning in to the open channel of participation in her dreaming – her creative vision for humanity, which is an ongoing conversation.  This isn’t just about saying a prayer of thanks and asking for what you want in your life.  We are not interested in that here, although it sometimes plays a part.  It’s about recognizing and integrating the fact that your life is not solely your own.  Your life is part of the dynamic of the whole of what she has envisioned for our collective and how we can each contribute as individual artists in the creation.  It is a living, evolving piece of art.

Since you are part of the troupe of wise owls (and I am “told” to list wild as well), most likely you disdain control from others, but relish in the idea that she has everything under control.  And in that, you are developed enough to not surrender your free will, but in fact are wielding it to co-create in the vision and uplifting humanity based on the frequency wave of your heart – love.  The barriers of consciousness that have separated humanity from seeing that it is part of every living thing in the great canvas of life are falling.  We know that there are forces that stand opposed to this.  The conflict is driving people past the brink of sanity.  Tomorrow I will discuss how Saturn moving into Scorpio is going to play a part in this.  The upcoming Full Moon in Aries is going to kick it all off and the Sun will respond with “sunworks” (fire works).  Put that on hold right now and enjoy the remainder of the Moon in Pisces and the absolute crystal clear beauty of the energy.  (P.S. The “crystallization” aspect of today’s energy represents the re-formation of our lives since the turning point.  We’ve become a new crystal, so to speak, and the components of our lives have come together in a new way.  We are still trying to adjust and recognize this, so be kind to yourself if you are depleted, as one dear wise owl reports to me.  Get as much rest as you can.  Much is happening on the unconscious level and it is easiest on us when we sleep.)

Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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