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Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Enlightenment

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Quarter Moon Phase – Moon in Aquarius

At the New Moon last week I discussed how the Mother energy of the planet was going to make communication with us this month.    I also explained that in order to receive the communication we would have to maintain the highest level of integrity and maintain vigilence with nature.  Today she will deliver a message to each of us.  You may have an animal/bird/insect encounter, feel a movement in your heart, or receive a direct insight or message in meditation or while in a reverant state of mind.  The very best way to receive the communication would be to be around a campfire or bonfire, but this won’t be possible for most of us.  Sitting outside and making a conscious connection will do.  We’ve been working on being in this frequency range for a few months, and now it is time to earnestly join the dialog.  Don’t become frustrated if you feel like nothing happens for you today.  Your brain wave must be in her hertz range to receive the communication.  And it has to be strong, which means you are living in that frequency much of the time.  It sounds complicated, but really all it means is your heart has reached a certain level of love – love for her and her creation.  Anyone who finds this site and resonates with it has already reached that level.  So what would you like to say to this divine artist?

On the practical level, which is really quite insignificant compared to what today’s real potential is, the theme is cycles.  In some way we find ourselves back at a certain point, place, mindset, behavior, feeling – whatever.  It seems like we are back where we started, but we aren’t because energetically, we have changed completely.  Our energetic bodies have been entirely re-configured, so our experience of whatever returns today is not the same.  So we don’t need to respond or react in the same way.  We’ve been upgraded; some of us just haven’t figured that out yet.

Also, when the sunspots that are on the dark side of the Sun right now turn in our direction, we are going to see some big things.  Nothing was released our way yesterday, so the Sun is still working on the hidden level (unconscious mind).  Remember also that we are edging toward Saturn entering Scorpio.  There is much in the offing…

Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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