Lena Stevens

July Forecast 2012

Written by Lena Stevens


The theme for July is ADJUSTMENT.

It is a month of growing pains, things going upside down, good surprises and great opportunities, challenging disappointments, and chances at every turn to adjust and readjust just about everything in your life. It is a great month to continue letting go consciously and proactively of anything that longer serves you. Expect the unexpected, take advantage of what shows up suddenly, and stay out of judgment when things don’t turn out exactly how you thought they would or should.

Think of yourself as shedding the skin of limitations connected to your beliefs and way of life. We are entering a new phase where the world is moving into a different set of patterns. If you expect the unexpected and welcome the differences, you will be less resistant to change and less at the effect of what occurs around you. You will need a great deal of patience as well as understanding and compassion, for yourself and for others this month. People will tend to get grumpy and irritated and not deal well with their disappointments and things going upside down. Everything that happens is for a reason. If your plumbing goes out or your car breaks down, instead of being angry and upset about it, do what you need to do with the attitude that the event represents something larger than just the breaking of the object. Consciously make an adjustment around the event eliminating resistance when possible. It won’t be easy, but if you stay awake and present, you will be rewarded. Continue reading “Lena Stevens”

Montague Keen

June 24, 2012

It was great for John [John Mack] and I to be able to give you so much information this week. It is important that you understand better what is going on. John was able to explain why so much emphasis is being put on the London Olympics, so as to ensure that you do not notice what the Cabal is doing elsewhere. They are not of your planet, this is why they can run rings around you. Humans have been dumbed down so that they can be kept under control. You, naturally have standards; they do not. The Cabal cannot exist on your planet as it is, beyond 2012, so it’s all or nothing for them. They will do whatever it takes to hang on. There is nano-technology that can stop them in their tracks. Nothing on your planet would be effective against them. You are actually at war on several levels.

Assistance is coming to you from many quarters. The Spirit World and several other planets are poised and ready to come to your rescue. It is just an evil few who are holding your planet to ransom.

You can see that the floodgates have opened. The truth is being placed before you. Continue reading “Montague Keen”

John Smallman

Many of you are feeling quite depressed as time passes and you get no personal sense of progress on your individual paths to awakening.  In fact, everything seems to have come to a grinding halt.  It has not; it just seems like that.  Very many of you are on Earth to be energy conduits to assist humanity and the planet in the awakening process.  Being an energy conduit is very hard on your human bodies and some of you are experiencing this as extreme tiredness.  You are not alone in this, but it may well be that you have no one with whom you can talk about it, and maybe you wonder if you are not, perhaps, going a little crazy as the world around you seems to be going on as normal – crises everywhere! And everyone is operating as though nothing untoward is happening!

Behind the scenes an enormous amount of progress has been made, while the western mainstream media continue to focus on the economic troubles, the political shenanigans, and the unusual weather that many areas are experiencing. So you are getting a sense that something is up, but you want more — preferably dramatic evidence that the necessary and essential changes for your awakening are happening.  Rest assured, they most certainly are, and the physical evidence is beginning to show. Continue reading “John Smallman”