The Oracle Report

Monday, July 30, 2012


Gibbous Moon Phase:  Moon in Capricorn

Most often I discuss the need to “ground” ourselves firmly with the planet, but today we need to take to the air – the atmosphere of the planet.  This is because the ground is rocky and the energy of the last “Turning Point” is jarring, not smooth. This energy will bring out the worst in some and they will act ugly.  Power issues and manipulativeness are enhanced.  Some will act like spoiled children.  It’s a tidal wave of emotion that can leave us emotionally swamped. The key word here is power and all of its derivatives- powerful, powerless, super-powers, etc.  Today we are going to choose to be the hero/heroine or wise old owl with “super-powers.”  Because it is the last hinge point, things (our mindets, needs, understanding, situations) will continue to change.  It’s like this month’s final upgrade to our energetic fields.  We need to engage the super-power of wisdom so that we can acknowledge the changes and not fall victim to the trap of finding only dissatisfaction.  We need to engage the super-power of extreme flexibility so that we can adjust to the changes.  We will need to engage the super-power of flight so that we can rise above the emotional tidal wave.  We will need to enage the super-power of vision to see that we are indeed headed in the right direction.  We will need to enage the super-power of telepathy and place our trust in the Divine Goddess of the Earth.

Today’s energy is destructive, and it may surprise us by taking down something we thought was solid, but the story doesn’t end today.  Reconstruction will begin tomorrow.  Changes and adjustments need to be made and this is the purpose of today’s energy.  We are going to sail high above it.


Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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