The Oracle Report

Saturday, June 30 – Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gibbous Moon Phase

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, changes in relationships will continue throughout the weekend.  Overall, the status of everything is changing – taking shape – but these changes are rough around the edges right now.  Edge is the keyword for the weekend.  Things are “raw” and we will have the tendency to feel pushed to the edge, especially on Saturday.  Sometimes when we feel pushed to the edge, we have to take a leap of faith and just jump into the unknown.  We are always supported by Spirit when we do this.  In actuality, it isn’t totally uknown.  We are bringing forth the best of the past as we jump forward.  The purpose of all of this is to help us get real.  There’s no going back to the way things used to be.  And would we want to?  We are like a diamond in the rough being cut into brilliant facets this weekend.  The beauty that is inherent within us is being brought forth so that we may be of greater service to the planet, ourselves, and each other.

Yesterday we were bombarded with solar energy.  There is a dual relationship, a contract, between the Divine Being Sophia (Earth) and the Divine Being the Sun (known by many names but my favorite is Tzolkin).  The Sun is donating a boost of power to Sophia and Sophia is using it to implement changes within herself and in turn, changes within us.  Our electro-magnetic fields are continually being upgraded.  This produces many things: increased intuition, increased intelligence (via activation of more of our DNA and more of our brain), increased ability to communicate (especially with animals – and if you are inclined to learn more about animal communication, check out one of my dear friend’s site, and most importantly, stronger direct connection with Sophia herself.  This weekend, give a word of thanks to the Sun for this donation and focus on the brilliance of the light being brought forth.

Meredith Murphy

emergence: the end of june

We’re in the VOID. Do you feel it?

The void

It’s that empty space where it feels like nothing is happening when we thought everything was going to start moving and shaking.

Persevere and enjoy. This is a natural part of clearing and changing, and especially after the deep shifts many of us have felt happening since the March Equinox, the Eclipse Cycle, the Venus Transit, the Uranus-Pluto Square and the Solstice, now we’re in a deep period of integration and emergence. Life is going again to birth. Now is a time to allow these deep changes to penetrate and perpetuate a new way of being. To enjoy this still point and just be, trusting that all that we’ve released and shifted will come forth in a new configuration of our experience. It’s a time to breathe deeply and fill our energy field through appreciation of the simple things in life while we allow our bodies to do their amazing work of assimilating all this newness into form.

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The Oracle Report

Friday, June 29, 2012

Prepare for an energy bombardment today. The Sun is unleashing M-class flares, one of which pummeled the Earth’s atmosphere with x-ray radiation yesterday. Today the Sun is in opposition to Pluto and both are squaring Uranus. That’s intense! This is going to produce confusion today. Grasping what is truly going is going to be challenging today. Perceptions are not accurate. It’s like we are walking around in a mist. So we could struggle today and easily become frustrated, or we could metaphorically slip into the mystic and walk through the day without expectation of having a good grip on things. With these astrological aspects, we are accident-prone, people’s emotions run toward the deep and dark, and things can shift rapidly. Anytime Uranus is activated abrupt changes are possible. When Pluto and the Sun are also involved, we have a potent mix. Tread lightly, slow your pace, and immerse yourself in the fog instead oftrying to outrun it.


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Dana Mrkich

Current Energies Summary June 2012

Dana Mrkich
a message from Dana Mrkich
Monday, 25 June, 2012

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We are experiencing back to back eclipses, transits and alignments this year that are propelling us into unprecedented evolutionary acceleration. As the Earth lines up with these super powerful points in our skies, it is like turning the dial on a safe and when you get the right code, click, the door opens. So, with every alignment this year a doorway has opened, often called a stargate, because it opens the way for a rush of galactic energy from the universe, from other star systems and other dimensions, to flood onto our planet, energy that we haven’t had access to for at least 26,000 years if not longer in this exact same way. It is not any one alignment on it’s own that is triggering our shift. However, when we experience a ‘perfect storm’ of alignments – a Solar Eclipse on Alcyone the central sun of the Pleiades, a Venus transit, alignment with the Galactic Centre – this sets up the conditions that led the ancients to foresee that these times would herald great change upon this planet, a great awakening. Continue reading “Dana Mrkich”

The Oracle Report

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Quarter Moon Phase

A confluence of events mix to form today’s energy.  First off, Venus stations direct.  This is powerful because Venus just had its historic transit of the Sun.  So all of the energy that Venus has “captured” from the Sun during its transit is released today.  The Sun is “boosting” this in a sense because a massive coronal hole has opened up and turned towards Earth.  This solar wind will reach us on July 1, just as the Sun comes in to opposition with Pluto for the year.  You can expect major changes in relationships through the weekend (all types of relationships – personal, professional, casual, etc.)  The keyword for working with this aspect is disinvest. Withdraw your energy and let things play out as they will.  This isn’t actually as passive as it sounds.  We are standing up for ourselves by withdrawing our energy.  This act will change the course of events.  So don’t react, don’t feed, don’t consider anything.  Another event adding to to the mix is Jupiter’s alignment with the Nodes (conjunct the South Node and oppose the North Node).  This is a most blessed event and calls for simple celebrations of the spirit (finding beauty in nature, the goddess Sophia embodied as the Earth).  It is kind of like “Christmas on June 27” instead of “Christmas in July,” hence today’s picture  Jupiter conjunct the South Node is closing out the past in a big way.  You can really release something that has been burdening you or stubbornly hanging around.  Nothing is too big to be removed by Jupiter so the sky is the limit with this.  Merry day!  (Special note to Aquarians: be careful of what you say today.  It will spread like wildfire and become more than you bargained for.  It is most important for you to disinvest and keep quiet today.)

Karen Doonan


We come to guide and support as many are now beginning to see the light at the beginning of their journeys. The light is increasing tenfold across the planet and we guide this will continue to build and increase in due course. We are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and support ALL who are able to embrace our energies and hear our words.

The new energies will now begin to affect the human energy system that is YOU. Continue reading “Karen Doonan”