The Oracle Report

Wednesday, February 29 – Thursday, March 1, 2012


First Quarter Moon Phase

Wednesday’s energy brings out the pioneer in each of us.  Where do events lead you today?  Are you ready for an upgrade? The planets are squaring up to make an imprint on our destiny – “stamping” new energy – so follow along closely.  Be open to new possibilities and don’t be overly concerned about letting other people down.  In order for this energy to properly work, it requires each of us to consider what is best for ourselves.

Thursday’s energy contains an element of judgment.  We will be judging situations and we may feel like others are judging us.  If we are repeating a pattern that is outworn, some may be inclined to say “I told you so.”  The truth is, a test or initiation is happening.  We need to look at things a different way.  The world is changing dramatically every day, so we cannot judge things and ourselves the same way or by the same standards.  But the bottom line is judgment serves a higher purpose only on rare occasions – when we use it to make decisions and self-correct.  It is all too easy to take it too far, which makes for a miserable time.  If you feel yourself spiraling into a loop of harsh self-judgment, stop and ground yourself back into the natural world around you.  Notice the changes in nature that are happening as the season prepares to change.  We can make personal changes without dragging ourselves through the ringer of self-criticism.

Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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