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Dear Friends,

The New Moon is Tuesday, February 21 at 3:35 PM Mountain Standard Time. This new moon is a time to recharge. You will feel like resting, getting more sleep, taking all the movement down to a standstill. If you have been struggling with something that has you constricted and confused, this would be the time to let go, unweight your position and give it over to spirit so you can turn towards another, new and better direction. Whatever it is, let it go. Whatever has you sleepless, let it go. Whatever you are trying to problem solve with your mind, let it go. Whatever you are worried about, let it go. Whatever you experience as being difficult, restrictive, full of suffering, pain and unresolved, let it go. Ritualize this by letting go of something you have been holding onto from the past that has old energy, like a piece of furniture, a photograph, an old sweater, old letters, old jewelry, an old relationship with strings attached etc.

Keep in mind that the times are very much about honoring fluidity and the movement of water and watery aspects that can be allies in helping you to dissolve whatever it is that is not working in your life. The key is that you do not need to know the solution on the other side. Just focus on the dissolving, the flexibility and fluidity. Drink lots of water and pay attention to the qualities of water and its importance in supporting life, change and growth.




Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

Pisces New Moon
Sun and Moon in Pisces ~ 2º
Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 3:35 PM MST/10:35 PM GMT

Pisces New Moon with its upcoming companion Full Moon in Virgo essentially ends the Sun cycle for the year before Vernal Equinox, when the Sun enters the 0º Aries point renewing the cycle again with the rising energies of spring.  Pisces is also ruler of the 12th and last house of the zodiac – culmination – the house that holds mystery and Spirit.  Where does one turn after journeying through all the other facets of material life symbolized by the houses?  To the spiritual aspects of life, to surrender, to union with the divine, to transcendence and compassion.
With Neptune, the major outer planet that rules Pisces, having just moved into its own sign where it will be for the next 14 years, it’s helpful to broaden our understanding of what Pisces represents in the zodiac.  Neptune has a long cycle and hasn’t been in its own sign for 164 years.

Pisces is symbolized by two fish bound together swimming in opposite directions.  On one hand representing self-sustainment – looking beyond the physical to the nourishing sustainment by spirit, and on the other hand, self-undoing – succumbing to illusion and addiction.  Pisces, most spiritual of the signs, is able to reach beyond the experience of mundane, daily existence and beyond personal illusions of ego personality, and with its natural endowment of kindness, trust and compassion for all, is able to access planes where source abides and all is connected.  This is not the humanitarian equality of Aquarius, but the feeling of unity of all life as an expression of the Divine.

Piscean strength may not be in decisive problem solving, but their deep understanding and reflective natures and sensitivity to the emotional and spiritual realms are an invaluable part of all of us.  Their awareness of subtle influences is as boundless as the vast, instinctual ocean environment that they rule.  The most adaptable, impressionable, and sensitive of signs makes them highly responsive to their environment and the people and influences in it, and this goes for their outer world as well as their complex inner world as well. Pisces like their fish symbol have few defenses beyond swimming away and escaping.

This fluidity works for them and against them.  Known for their highly fertile imaginations, creativity, and strong intuition and psychic abilities, they are tied to the deep inner wisdom of the mysteries of the invisible worlds, yet, at the same time, they can easily become overwhelmed when Neptune dissolves all boundaries and they are unprotected from life’s struggles and sufferings.  Pisces can effortlessly create and just as easily be distracted from their purpose; their will is not generally strong, and they do not readily choose to face difficult or emotionally painful situations head on.  Instead these tenderhearted ones prefer to subtly manipulate and soften reality with a veil of romanticized illusion-to paint a picture that better fits their idealized view.  They are susceptible to protecting themselves and diluting the suffering they witness in the human drama through alcohol, drugs and addictions of all kinds – escaping if necessary through pretending, denying, losing attention.  What they truly seek is meaning and purpose and a strong connection to Divine Source and the will to manifest it here on Earth.

With Neptune conjunct the Sun and Moon in early Pisces in the New Moon chart, we are aided in dissolving our personal egos and emotional withholds, where we hide our fear from ourselves and others that we are inadequate or unworthy of divine love.  With the balancing of the feminine and masculine energies that we are embracing in this transitioning time, many are experiencing the surfacing of the old experiences of good and evil locked in our lower chakras.  Let Neptune dissolve these memories from many lifetimes.  Don’t get stuck in these pictures, they can be pretty nasty.  Much is being cleared rapidly from the past now to make way for a higher frequency crystalline structure.  Our beliefs about ‘God’ and concepts about the universe may be up for a great revision and expansion with Neptune in Pisces for the next 14 years.  The oceans, their creatures, resources, and power will definitely come to the forefront under Pisces and serve as a source of deep nourishment for our souls.  This New Moon, the last before Spring Equinox, is the time for going within and swimming in the sea of our inner knowing for renewal and touching the divine part of ourselves that is always there to nourish and replenish our wells of compassion and giving.  Surrender to the call to solitude, dreaming, meditation, and the love that surrounds you always to heal and nourish yourself deeply.  Pisces is a receptive, feminine time ~ we can go deep.  Dream the dream that you desire to unfold around you.

We also have four planets (Neptune, Moon, Sun, Mercury), and three asteroids (Pallas Athena-creative intelligence, Chiron-healing our wounds, Vesta-temple priestess) in Pisces in this New Moon chart.

Pallas Athena within 1º of the Sun and Moon brings forth our creative intelligence, our wisdom, father-daughter issues, and how we choose to show up in the world.

Chiron at 4º Pisces, along with Mercury, and Vesta are holding the doors of the temple open to invite us to use this period of time presented to us roughly from Feb 18 to Feb 24 as an opportunity to renew our relationship with the divine through nature, our hearts and deep states of silence.  Jupiter in sextile to the Sun/Moon and adjacent planets helps us hold the big picture of what we are capable of as conscious beings connected to source.

Open wide, wide, wide during this extremely watery and emotionally fluid time and surrender to the gifts of this feminine Moon.

Like the empty sky it has no boundaries, yet it is right in this place, ever profound and clear. When you seek to know it, you cannot see it. You cannot take hold of it, but you cannot lose it. In not being able to get it, you get it. When you are silent, it speaks; when you speak, it is silent. The great gate is wide open to bestow alms, and no crowd is blocking the way.

~Cheng-tao Ke

03/08 Virgo Full Moon 2:41 AM MST/9:41AM GMT

03/11 Daylight Savings Time begins

03/19 Vernal Equinox/Sun enters Aries 11:15 PM MDT

03/22 Aries New Moon 8:38 AM MDT/2:38 PM GMT



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