Karen Doonan

Nephilim Message 10th February

Welcome I am Icarus of the Nephilim and I come once more to guide and support as the energies and vibration of planet earth begins to heighten and those who have awoken prepare to work through more layers of distortion to find their way back to SELF. The energies and the information placed across the planet will now begin to change and shift as those who have awoken are able to process and anchor more and more TRUTH on planet earth.
For those who struggle this will be a time of major chaos for all that they have taken as their experiences in TRUTH will start to dissolve. The need for the dissolving ever uppermost as now many humans can see beyond the distortions that have been put in place. The need to address the concerns of the human race is paramount, it serves no one to awaken a race and then not to help guide that race to who they are. For all of you have TRUTH encoded within. It is important to realise and absorb this for without this you may be swept up in the drama that is being created by those who dream the old.
The dreaming is vital on planet earth and as more and more humans begin to dream the new dream, to dream of their souls wish then the chaos will deepen for the lower energies cannot withstand the pure energies of LOVE. It is LOVE that will bring the planet earth and her peoples back into balance yet it is LOVE that those in chaos refuse to allow into their BEing, we guide for all to look at this and to embrace LOVE for it is what you ARE.
LOVE has been distorted on planet earth to keep you from this knowledge, whilst you define LOVE and seek to control LOVE you stifle growth and expansion for the universe is always growing and expanding such is the nature of energy. We guide for you to allow this to sit within you, for you as a BEing of energy work by the same laws of the universe. Those who sought to control you have distorted this information to keep you from this knowledge, to stop you remembering that you are able to dream the dream of the soul, for it is powerful, that which is dreamt can be created all around you. The world as you know it is now dreaming two dreams and as the dream of the soul expands and grows and intensifies the dream of the old will begin to break down. Such is the distortion within the teachings of the old dream that the chaos will feed more chaos, the only way out is to connect with the heart and to talk with the soul, for the soul now has a chance to transcend karma and that is TRUTH that is also hidden in plain view.
The human race has a limited view of the world and yet within that limited view there are more boundaries and more containing teachings so that the world looks distorted to many. Many are now overwhelmed so much have the energies changed within your world. This will intensify as the moments go into other moments for those who are dreaming at greater depth are now building up to that which was always to be. Those who shout and who scream for information are not listening and we guide all to be silent and listen to SELF for no one can dream the dream for you, it is YOUr dream alone. Do you understand our analogy? Do you understand our guidance?
Whilst you defer to those who sought to control and contain your species you ignore the lesson and that lesson is responsibility. You are here to dream the dream of your soul, only by asking the soul what the dream should be will you be able to work out what you are here for. Many are not asking their souls, many are under the distortion of the teachings that state there is no soul, that state all is happening TO them. This is distortion dear ones and we are here to show this to you. For you dream to dream, it is that simple. What you believe will be created for this is the playground of the universe, what do you dream?
We are now stepping forward in more and more numbers and communicating with more and more humans across the planet. Our channel one of many yet many are not stating our
communications publicly and we guide for you to look at this. Know that there are many who are in chaos that seek control. For the race that has left has left behind a legacy. Many are so far in the teachings they do not recognise the distortions and they believe the new world will destroy them. They will continue with their dreaming until the end and we guide for you to detach from their information. Do not believe any words you see written, do not believe our words unless you process them, for there is no ONE way in this your journey of the soul dear ones.
All can and will change but the changes to your individual life experiences are down to you, for you are here to do what your soul asked you to do. That is information that is unique and individual to you, no one else can tell you apart from your soul. To link with your soul will see you dissolve the chains that have been placed around your minds to contain and suppress you and we guide for you to look at this.
Not everyone on planet earth is dreaming the same dream yet everyone acts as if they are. This distinction allowed a race to contain and control you for aeons, the only way to move past this is to take the reigns of your life experience and to dream the dream for YOU. Do you understand our analogy? For you are the dreamer and you dream when you are awake as well as when you are asleep for all is but a dream. Do you recognise this?
The dreaming will become more and more lucid and the time that you have been taught will begin to break down. Extending time, condensing time is all within your power and that will bring you to the edge of chaos if you do not allow the absorption of who you are. For you are in control but much as a captain steers a ship on the sea, if you are unable to see it is you who steers the boat may be tossed across the ocean and set sail in the wrong direction. Do you understand our analogy? Do you see how you may gain more and more peace by dreaming the dream of the soul?
Each one of you is unique but once more we note that many are not able to stand as one within many, the distortion teaching you that to stand alone is not to belong. That is distortion of TRUTH for all are one. All are one but all unique we ask you to process this with your heart and not allow the mind to puzzle for the mind cannot process emotion, the mind is not your ally in this your human life experience, your ally, your depute captain is your heart. That is why the heart was placed under layers of distortion to prevent you seeing this. For those who have begun to steer their ships are now able to view the world through new eyes. They have clearly set sail, they have lifted anchor and are now sailing the seas, navigating the storms and setting sail for new adventures. Many are trying to set sail with the anchor tied in port. Others have hit a storm and go around in circles unable to navigate for the map they need is hidden in plain view. We ask you to process our words through your hearts.
The journey from now on is yours alone, for the human race is now going beyond where they have gone before. There are no history books for you to read and to live in the past for the past does not exist, it is now, it has always been now, do you stay in port or do you set sail? The choice is always yours dear ones.
We guide and support those who are able to see and hear our words, for the words themselves are the maps, for those who are able to see the work to be done is within them are the ones who are now preparing to sail the seas. Those who look for a captain to sail their ship will spend a long time looking for one, they may find one only to realise the captain is not a captain but a pirate and we guide for you to process these words through your heart. The new has been born but many are not at the birth, for they are staggering about drunk on celebrations of the new not realising that the time of the new is now. There is no waiting dear
ones, for the wait has dissolved. The new is here and the new is now, do you feel it? Do you see it? Or do you wait for your captain patiently beside your boat growing more and more frustrated as those boats around you set sail and head off on great adventures.
The soul is the rudder of the boat, for the soul already has chosen the path, the path is communicated through the dreaming that is done, do you allow your soul to enter your dreams or do you control your dreams as you are taught by the distortion? For if you do not dream the dream of your soul what do you dream? Do you dream at all? For many humans are now finding blankness beyond the conscious mind. The bridges to the soul have to be rebuilt for the race that sought to contain and suppress you have knocked them down and built walls around your minds. Allow the new to dissolve the walls and built the bridges anew. The bridges are built from your memories and your dreams. For the memories deep inside of you may be forgotten but they are still there. They were not able to dissolve your memories for they are YOU.
Many give power to a race that was in effect powerless. They have no hold over your race other than that which you give them. Do you feed that power still or do you feed yourselves? Do you feed your soul with your dreams or do you starve your soul believing that you are powerless? From our vantage point we are able to see the bigger picture and can see the light that is being anchored on planet earth, it is not possible to see this light with your eyes closed. We ask that you look to the heavens and see the stars, we ask that you look to the skies and see the rainbows for many are still looking at the earth beneath their feet and bracing themselves in a storm that has long since passed.
I am Icarus from the Nephilim and we walk amongst you. The time of the return of the ancestors is nearing, the time of the great dreaming is upon you. Soon the celebrations of all worlds will begin. We ask you to build the bridges to your soul and to detach from distortion. YOU are powerful BEings of light and we ask you begin to dream this for in dreaming it will be shown to you. Seek not to rebuild the world that was here before it began to dissolve dream a new world where you are each 10 feet tall for you are but a fraction of your TRUTH. I will guide as needed, we are here with you and we have never left you, I am Icarus of the Nephilim.
Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved
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