Poems by Irene Alomar – From Sun Mirror and More

Sun mirror and more…

I was inspired to call this book sun-mirror (“solspegel”). I wrote it in 1995. When we visited the graves in Egypt, I noticed mirrors placed by the opening of the graves. The guide explained it as such: The mirrors were hung in such a fashion that hey caught the sun rays and reflected light into the dark corridors and lit them up. These somewhat concrete sun-mirrors will be symbolic for more abstract thoughts in my life. The poem Solspegel is the leading poem in my book, even thought I do not place it in the beginning.

Published in 2002



You gather earth

I gather sun.

you use a spade

and I a mirror

you build an earth-heap

I a sun-heap

We meet sometimes

in sun-earth-land


Hevay as stones

sharp as daggers,

consuming as fire

can words be

But also

healing, comforting

shimmering, glimmering

lustrous pearls

in the dark.

Tenderness of Heart


the softest, word I feel

on my fingertips


it’s colour

it’s tone

a glance

a voice

a thought




Without hammers,

without nails,


they tread,

across the globe,

building bridges,

between people

rainbowbridges of


Copyright © 2002 Iréne Alomar

Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.

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