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Personal Alchemy: How to Create a Vibrational Match

This is an excerpt from my new book The Ultimate Love Affair

Many of you have been exploring aspects of your personal alchemy for a while, creating loving relationships, abundance and open mindedness. Think about many ways you have experimented with transforming the negative ballast accumulated in your life into the golden wisdom. You regularly use your body as a unique laboratory where you, an extraordinary alchemist, are transforming patterns of anger, frustrations and fear into excitement, acceptance, and creative flow.

Let’s talk about what you can create by surrendering to the mystery of your personal alchemy and applying your innate ability to transform your energy into matter to experience more pleasure and an intimate connection with life.

From the soul perspective, you are never wrong in choosing possibilities and transforming them into actions. Every event or relation that you are experiencing fits perfectly within your personal Earth Drama script. The more frustrating and painful your relationships are, the faster you awaken to your role within the circumstances you have attracted as your lessons. Each choice carries a particular vibration that might or might not resonate with your current intention. If you experience disappointment and frustration, choose to see them as inspirations to find other possibilities and make new choices.

The Law of Attraction acts through you all the time. You are a tuning fork for every experience in your life, an attraction point for every relationship or event

Even without consciously thinking about your alchemical qualities you are often successful in managing all your multidimensional tasks and creating many joyful experiences. You are an alchemist, whether you consciously know it or not. Moving through the day, taking care of yourself or your family members, having a relationship where you transform one possibility into the next, weaving one connection into another – all of that requires a high level of alchemical mastery.

The physical universe never lies. Your environment is a mirror of what is going on inside you

If something does not work for you, focus on it and make appropriate changes. Your emotional guidance system is a great indicator of you being on trek or getting off your path. Something that bothers you is always an opportunity to find a better way to deal with it. It is like a grain of sand that irritates the oyster, allowing for a potential to create a pearl. What is it going to be for you: a dream or a nightmare?

Creating more pleasure in your life is not about “FIXING” everyone to match your desire. It is about knowing and respecting your own wishes, acting on your own intuition, and making choices that feel good to you

You can use perceived imperfections in your life to drive yourself into insanity or see them as an opportunity for a change. Authentic relationships start with you telling your truth all the time, even if it is only you who hears it. If you are not inspired by having a noisy party, instead of saying “I can’t have a dinner party because my house is too small”, admit to yourself that the true reason is: “I can’t have a dinner party because I don’t want to!” Learn to be okay with directing your life the way you want it.

You are growing and becoming a person who is much bigger than any problems you may ever face on your path. You already know how to eliminate toxicity from your life and improve your environments, relationships, and financial situations. I invite you to broaden your perspective about how much you really know, so you can understand the importance of your input in your life. Respect your needs and create strong boundaries by sharing what you are and what you want with certainty and self-acceptance. Make your intentions clear and your requests to others direct, respectful and truthful.

Changing your behaviors and thought patterns is easy when you are conscious about how much you impact your life with the attention given to each of your dreams.

1. Become aware of how you talk about yourself, your image, your work and your relationships

2. Start consciously choosing words to reflect your growing understanding and integrity

3. Continuously reprogram your mind by using uplifting words. Doing so will support you in being a mindful creator of your new reality and will help you notice the changes that you are creating

Nurture Your Essential Nature

1. Journal About:

What am I sad about in my life?

Where in my life do I feel stuck in repetitions I truly resent?

If I would know what makes me choose experiences in which I lose my spirit, my breath, my enthusiasm for life, what would I notice?

2. Create Change

Think about how it might make you feel if you can have anything you want and all your needs would be fully satisfied. Welcome the feeling and follow your inner know into actions you desire.

3. Become aware of any repetitive thoughts, experiences and words you utilize. Change the inner language to start dismantling any self-sabotaging tendencies.

For Example:

I am enough. I deserve the best. I accept the best now

I have very clear boundaries. I live by them all the time

I make sure that all my conscious and unconscious needs are always met

I easily change my environment to fit my needs

I live by the highest values that are in my best interest

I create simplicity in my life

I nurture myself

I set priorities that amplify my essential nature and support high quality of my life

4. Create a dream list that comes from your core essence.

What would you wish to see happen if money would not be an issue and you could live for 300 years? Start including some of the points on your list into your daily activities. Think about what you can do NOW to naturally fit each of your statements into your daily activities. When you feel inspired, focus on what you want and notice which your bullet points is ready to move into an action.

Remember that money is never an issue for the Universe and your Soul is immortal

Let the Universe take care of your “HOW” while you keep focusing on your desires, self-acceptance and feeling better and better while observing your dreams come true one bullet point after another.

Svetlana (Lana) PritzkerLove, Loved, Loving: The Art and Magic of Relating The Love Messages from the Universal Heart

Svetlana (Lana) Pritzker, M. Ed. is a gifted healer, intuitive Matrix Energetics practitioner and ordained minister. She is blessed with many gifts and loves wearing many hats. An author, a channel, a mystical artist, and a personal relationship counselor, she takes individuals and worldwide audiences on a Transformational Journeys Beyond Limits.
Svetlana has a gift of seeing and addressing the core issues beneath common strategies and habits of holding yourself back in life or settling for less in relationships.  Are experiencing the lack of inner resources and are ready to step into your true power? Do you have poor boundaries or struggle with inner conflicts? Are you postponing your life in favor of others?

Working with Svetlana will help you uplift your life, enliven your relationships and assist you in your ascension.

During each experience, Svetlana chooses very specific, highly individualized blend of healing and intuitive arts to address your most challenging “symptoms” and shift perceptions to create an environment for your healing. Each individual or group session is a multidimensional multilayered experience. It empowers you with understanding of your inner strength and activates your ability to move forward while being supported, validated and nourished.

Initiated by her life changing experiences in Peru, Svetlana connects and works with a mystical team of Lemurian Healers and Elders, blending her natural psychic abilities, extensive research and experience with unique healing arts and coaching. She is a transformational catalyst, who assists groups and individuals in addressing the most complex and entangled issues in their lives, facilitating profound understanding and release of all that YOU ARE NOT and full embodiment of ALL that YOU TRULY ARE. Her books, paintings and video messages are reflections of a personal journey Home. Her service assisted many in opening their own pathways into the Universal Heart and connecting to the Love, the Beauty, the Light and the Truth that they are. Experiencing her sessions initiates extraordinary experiences in your life and awakens you to a deep appreciation of your inner beauty, unlimited creative power and totality of your transformative possibilities!

If you are ready to take responsibility for your life and gracefully shift with the powerful shift we all experiencing, Svetlana will assist you in full awakening your unique individual power, gaining your confidence, trusting your inner truth and acting on it

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