Jamiel Crowley


 The Radiant Ones

Christmas was awash with transmutation and challenge, New Years dawned in a crystalline wave, and 2012 has already been jammed packed. Specifically the readings for the month of January point to instability, but in this instability much is coming up and out, and the purpose is served. What is still residing in ourselves, that needs to be recognized and expunged is now front and center. What cannot reside in our changing fields is being pushed. If you see something in someone that you have great resistance to, take the opportunity to look deeper, to see that it may be coming from you; an old wound or energy you’ve been carrying you didn’t even realize was there. Or look at it as an opportunity to sharpen your senses and walk a path of neutrality. Right now a mirror is being placed in front of us, look long and deep into this mirror, recognize and release.

It was said through many posts and channelings the Indigo Souls, and the new generation would soon take their place, that the soul groups would find each other, finally uniting and feeling the bliss of connection and creation. I looked around me in the waiting, wondering, I admit, doubting until miraculously this prophecy was magically and divinely filled.

For over a decade I have been in a community of yogis, a Golden Chain. By the grace of the divine I found this ancient practice, and this community, rather I was led to it, not by chance but by my soul, it is a path I have walked through many lifetimes. When I hear the words of the ancient sanskrit chants of this practice, and sing the Banis of the Guru I feel a connection with God that opens my heart to the depths of the cosmos, where songbirds fly through rainbow colored clouds, and moonbeams float on radiant waters that carry me among the stars.

Young Indigo’s were scarce in this community, that I experienced, I came upon no great connection heralded by the galactic beings. I questioned where I would go to find this group, this place I would build a new earth upon, and who I would build it with. The miracle is I did not have to go far at all. A place that had been here all my life, but one I had so oddly never gone, a very special Sikh ashram, the Guru Ram Das Ashram. Words to remember I read were spoken by Yogi Bhajan, the yogi who with courage gifted us with Kundalini Yoga and called on us all to be angels, to live in our true essence, who shines light on me and guides me whenever I call upon him, ‘So Millis goes, so Sikh Dharma goes’. This is a gift, greatness we have but to shine light and pure love on, without fear, with simple trust.

The miracle of this is, in a great wave of Aquarian energy, new souls, young in human years, but wise and dedicated beyond them, have made there way to this sacred place. The next generation is in place, building the new, reaching out eagerly for the baton with such passion, grace, perfection, devotion, light and love, it inspires the soul. New energies, and new ideas, untainted by Piscean polarity are shining in the night sky, as stars getting ready to fall to earth.

With this, I wish us all a blessed New Year, and with strength may we move through these times as pillars of stability for the world, moving gracefully through our challenges, transmuting our ego, and realizing the other person truly is us, so in that we forgive and let go.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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