John Smallman

John Smallman – SAUL – The Old Ways Are Finished – 28 December 2011

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The moment of your awakening draws inexorably closer; be joyful and open your hearts in acceptance of the abundant Love that your Father is offering you constantly to embrace and share.  As His Love flows and envelops the planet, all can and are encouraged to open in acceptance of It.  It is what you all seek, regardless of what you may think you desire, and It is there within you waiting for you to become aware and accepting of It so that you may enjoy the exhilarating experience of being completely at one with your Father in a constant ecstasy of delight.

Your Father’s Will for you is eternal joy.  To have joy you must be free from anger, blame, judgment, bitterness, and resentment.  When you harbor or hold on to those attitudes, or any similar ones, they smother the potential for joy within you.  It is just not possible to be joyful when maintaining those kinds of attitudes: they depress you, and so you go into a deeper state of sleep, by having your attention narrowly focused on what is upsetting you.  To be awake is to be fully open so that the inherent joy of Reality pervades your whole being and is reflected in your thoughts, words, and actions. Continue reading “John Smallman”

Brenda Hoffman

Change is the Focus of the ‘New You’ Committee

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s December 26, 15-minute, free, channeled “Creation Energies” show on     You will continue to birth the new you in the first months of 2012. That birthing process will include new systems of communication. Your uniqueness will become more obvious, as will your child-like joy of life.

Title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, channeled blog at http://www.Life Tapestry ”Join the Holiday Reality Club”

Dear Ones,

As you continue to expand your being with new splinters, you will need to adjust both your physical and emotional bodies. Continue reading “Brenda Hoffman”

The Oradle Report

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Crescent Moon Phase

On Sunday, Christmas Day, a new sunspot erupted and unleashed a solar flare which then became a coronal mass ejection. All of this energy will hit Earth today and Mars on Friday.  This energy is highly charged with emotion and the power to change situations.  But, as if that weren’t enough, the Sun hurled another coronal mass ejection our way on Monday.  This energy is traveling even faster than the first and will also hit Earth today.  When the energy makes a direct hit on Mars, Mars is going to feel it and then it is going to make sure we feel it. Mars is the ruler of energy to step forward, branch out, do something completely new. It is also hyper-aggressive, masculine energy that is like a warrior. Remember that the New Moon in Capricorn (Saturday, Chistmas Eve) was already being “charged” in the direction of Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) to change the structure of things. Remember also that the New Moon was conjunct Pluto, so we have a good bit of masculine energy mixing up. Today and Friday will have a strong effect on us and on the planet. The Sun will make the exact conjunction with Pluto today, pulling all that has transpired since the day of the New Moon (Christmas Eve) forward. The themes, feelings, or issues that were going on then will be supercharged now.  When the Sun contacts Pluto, it brings things up that are deeply buried. It is extremely intense energy and the solar flares will enhance it. We began to feel the effects of this last night, in fact.  So we want to plan ahead and make sure we are aligning with light because that is what we are always supposed to do, especially when we can’t figure out what to do. Just be kind. No, be even kinder, especially to yourself.  This is certainly a day for wise, old owls to keep their perspective from inside the tree.  Maintain the locus of your control on the inside – not based on what is going on outside.  Try not to react, hard as it may be.  Let’s get the message of what the Sun (Tzolkin) is trying to show us.

Soluntra King

by Soluntra King

     We have finally got here the big 2012, and it may not be anything you expect, and most probably will not be anything you dreamed of. As we are not vibrating in the world of such structured form and time anymore. We are in the spaces in between, the still point, the no breath in preparation for the return of the Suns. This is the return of ourself as a Sun and our Mother Earth as she becomes a radiant star no longer hindered by the lower density vibrations of humans and lower frequency ETs and reptilians who would use her. She is setting herself free and so are we. Continue reading “Soluntra King”

Sheldan Nidle

Sheldan Nidle: Update for the Galactic Federation and Spiritual Hierarchy

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12 Ix, 7 Mol, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! You are now in the midst of a global dilemma: your surface world is drawing ever closer to its shift into a 5-D unified reality, but those in charge of your world, despite efforts by many to depose them, remain defiant of the disaster that is swiftly approaching. We have sent out emergency calls to our Earth allies to start the actual process of arresting those in your various governments who are responsible for maintaining the fiction that your world can somehow weather the storm and survive. This is blatantly false!

So far, we have received word from our Earth allies that the final stage of their takedown scenario is beginning. The coming year of 2012 requires new governance and the formal termination of the unending plots and stratagems of the dark cabal. Continue reading “Sheldan Nidle”

Kate Spreckley

Energy Report for December 2011 – by Kate Ann Spreckley

As I reflect on 2011 it seems that this has been a year of powerful and intense energy, which has significantly enhanced our Spiritual awareness and expanded our consciousness.  Many profound changes and transformations have occurred as much of what we previously perceived as reality has come up for revision.  As our concept of reality rapidly alters it seems like our subconscious has been pillaged and plundered to reveal some very deep seated and unresolved issues.  This has and continues to create strain, disorder and unrest on both a personal and collective level.  As we continue to witness the collapse and release of many outdated ideas, thought patterns, beliefs and relationships our perceptions, which control our reality, are being transformed.  This is encouraging us to re-envision our world by drawing upon our developing awareness and expanding consciousness.

In December we can expect our growth and development to continue to rapidly accelerate as we experience the many sacred festivals, including a powerful Total Lunar Eclipse, the 12:12 Stargate and the Summer / Winter Solstice. There will be many opportunities during this sacred month to reconnect to Divine love.  As we move towards the New Year a new awareness of the Divine Creator’s love will begin to emerge, freeing us from our current limitations and bringing to light the essence of our Divinity. Continue reading “Kate Spreckley”

Sarah Biermann

Psychic Explosion: Get Ready for 2012

Sarah Biermann
a message from Sarah Biermann
Tuesday, 27 December, 2011 

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The Frequency Shift

Greetings to all you human angels who are participating in the amazing and unprecedented transformation here on Earth! There are a lot of changes happening on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels; on individually and planetary levels since 11:11:11 (We are all one!). There are some challenges that go with these changes. Your frequency is rising at a very rapid rate and anything that doesn’t match your new frequency has to go. This means that we have to clean our “basements” (as a marriage counselor I know all the shadow stuff). Luckily, it has gotten quicker and easier to release the old, lower frequency stuff. When I first started doing emotional release work about twenty eight years ago, I even had to learn how to cry again. Like so many of you, I am an empath. Continue reading “Sarah Biermann”

Fran Zepeda

Fran Zepeda – Message From Mother Mary and Yeshua – 27 December 2011

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My dear ones, there is so much in your hearts. You are beginning to fathom the depths and essence of your being and it is a deep cavern of love. You are shedding the fear of many lifetimes. The cleansing that is taking place in the hearts of many is making room for vast amounts of love to harbor there. We wish for all of you to nurture that love in your hearts with every breath that you take. Continue reading “Fran Zepeda”

Denise Le Fay

On the Cusp of 2011–2012

In the beginning of the physical biological Ascension years (1998–1999 on) I felt solar flares, CME’s, solar storms or any solar activities in my body in these ways:

  • severs chills like when you have a fever
  • ascension flu caused by higher frequency Light energies coming into contact with dense lower frequencies in our bodies
  • body and bone aches
  • sudden severe stabbing ice pick-like pains in bones and joints
  • extreme inner cold all over or in specific spots on my body usually around a chakra on the front of my body
  • weakness, fatigue, exhaustion but inability to sleep or rest and recuperate
  • mind races non-stop despite physical and emotional exhaustion
  • vision changes, seeing new colors, seeing energies and vortexes etc., dry eyes, eye fatigue and blurriness
  • hearing non-physical sounds, inner ear humming, ringing, buzzing
  • increasing pressures in head and skull
  • evolutionary changes in the Pineal and Pituitary glands and their corresponding chakras

During 2011 I’ve felt these higher frequency solar energies in my body in these ways: Continue reading “Denise Le Fay”

The Oracle Report

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Moon Phase

Today could bring up fears of the unknown and fears about the future, causing us to be afraid of making any type of move.  There is also potential for us to be concerned about finances.  Counter this by affirming that all we need will be provided.  Cancel out any negative thoughts by turning things over to a higher power, if only for today.  The energy will shift tomorrow so just recognize that this is the way that it is today.  It is actually a very good day to move forward or make a change with something.  If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know that we are receiving important information right now.  So take that step – it is preparation for the future, not fear of the future that we are working on.  Tomorrow is power-packed, so make sure you check back then.

Greg Giles

Discussions concerning all matters of humanity’s ascension into a higher dimensional existence culminating in 2012.

 Monday, December 26, 2011

Message from the Galactic Federation 12/26/11

You can be heroes in your fight against the agents of the dark. There is a war at hand, there is no doubt of this. Removing these dark ones is a job we are well equipped for, but we need your assistance in finalizing the campaign set into motion long ago in your time. We push on in our front and move those still willing to fight for those who stand nowhere near the front lines. This has been their way for eons. They declare war, and then send someone else’s children to the front lines to lose their lives for their own gain. There has never been a shortage of men and women willing to do their deeds. Without these fighting forces none of these actions we are taking would be necessary. For millennia, the citizenry has been tricked, conned, coerced, and forced to bare weapons against each other in the name of profit and power for the few. This game ends now; it has been decreed by your Creator. No more will this be allowed to transpire here. The light is winning the battle, the end of this struggle draws nearer every day. Soon, humanity will receive your true freedom, a light you have not seen in many eons. This day will come. There is no doubt of this now. Continue reading “Greg Giles”

Julie Miller

You Have the POWER
Message from Ascended Master, Lady Nada
Channeled by: Julie Miller
December 26, 2011

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The great outpouring of love you are feeling is not only from the giving and love of the holiday season that is present all over this fine Earthly globe, but because you are a love-giving being that gives unconditionally of themselves ALL the time. During such an energetic time of year, the energies are high and easily can become overwhelming; especially if you are empathic towards others and their emotions and unsaid feelings. Open your heart dear ones to the fullness of all that is within your I AM Presence. Add your unconditional love in all you that you do. When you move through your daily tasks with love instead of with the Ego, you will feel this expansion in your heart dear ones. As you let in more love, you are also giving more of yourself. When you experience Divine Love, your Ego will not be involved. By this time you will have learned to keep your Ego at bay, and allow your love giving heart to be your TRUE guide to eternal happiness, love and joy.

As you more often are able to work together for the greater of good, even at work on a project you will notice a peace develop and surround all that is involved. It is this peace that is being sought, not just in the workplace, home or school; but across the world. Continue reading “Julie Miller”

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Welcome. I am angelic of origin. I am angelic of nature. I am angelic of light. I am the essence the vibration and the song that is known as Chamuel. I am angel of self-love and I come on this day to enfold you in that thought.  Every measurement of time, every measurement of day and night reflects how much you do or do not love yourself.

The earth was created from the deepest of heart longings of the Creator. Everything on this planet was created to love you. The dirt that you walk upon loves you. The wind loves to mess up your best hair day like a little brother. The trees smile at you from their great height, but they never look down on you, for they know that you are steward of this beautiful sphere.

When you are in a place of truly loving yourself, then everything that you desire to manifest and create – can, will, and must happen. Continue reading “Gillian MacBeth-Louthan”

The Oracle Report

Monday, December 26, 2011

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New Moon Phase

This past weekend certainly brought some things to light.  Saturday (Christmas Eve) brought out the best and brightest and/or in some cases, a version of the darkest.  Both things transferred over into Sunday.  We’ll revisit all on Wedneday.  For today, prepare to feel a release or understanding.  It is telling us something important.  It’s a “message day” – a day when we receive things loudly and clearly.  We may not like what we see but perhaps you can see the truth in it.  This information will be directly related to our future.  On a side note, try to gently stretch as much as possible today because not only is it needed, but it will help a lot.  You’ll instantly feel good.  Take things as they come today and don’t force any issues.  Today directly links to the events of this past December 6 -7th.  Look back to what was going on for you then and see the progression.

For longtime readers/readers who study astrology:  Jupiter  – the planet that expands and releases – stationed direct (appeared to move forward in the sky again) overnight and this always brings a refreshing release from all kinds of things.  Now that Jupiter is in Taurus, the expansion and release is gradual and slow, so we have some time to adjust to it instead of being whipped like a slingshot (like it was when Jupiter was in Aries).  It is important to think of all of this in the context of transformation.  Things are transforming.  We are always transforming and growing as people, but this is like a bonus time.  It is also a gift.   In addition, Mercury (“the Messenger,” information, messages) also makes exact conjunction with the North Node (destiny, the future, mission in life) today at 2:20 pm EST at 14 Sagittarius.  Today directly links to the events of December 6-7, when the Sun was at 14 Sagittaruis. The Sun initiated this energy and Mercury and the North Node, redisseminate it wider so that the message is sure to be heard.  It was a “marking point) because the Sabian symbol for this degree is “the pyramid and the sphynx.”  This energy stand the test of time, which means it is powerful and means a lot.

Inelia Benz

Feeling Lonely

December often brings about a sense of loneliness, melancholy, loss and lack to adults, and some children too.

These feelings are perpetuated by the media and by society.

We also get feelings of wanting to share, to give, and we feel compassion for those who are not as “lucky” as we are throughout the “holiday season”.

The winter/summer solstice (depending on where in the world you are located), is charged with Gaia’s dormant and potential energy in the North, and plentitude in the South.

How to respond?

Throughout my life I have had Decembers filled with joy and sharing, and others where our family did not have food to eat. I too have felt the loss of not being able to share this season with those who have left the body, or who have disappeared into the world, never to be heard of again.

If we were in touch with our local geographical energy, if the season had not been hijacked by the media, commercialism and religion, this would be simply a time to celebrate the season’s gifts. Or not.

Feeling lonely is an act of separation. The sadness we feel at not having someone by our side is something that is natural for the human species. Our bodies need human contact, and our being does too. Continue reading “Inelia Benz”

Marlene Swetlishoff

           Hilarion’s Weekly Message 2011         

December 25-31, 2011

Beloved Ones,

You who have walked the lonely path of Light are soon to be joined by many, many others who will begin to walk their path with you. For every sacrifice you have made for the highest good of all, the Universe is already bringing to you many wonderful synchronicities, miracles and gifts. All you have to do is open your hearts to receive and be in trust and in joy. Watch for these in your daily living, recognize them, receive them, enjoy them and record them. Soon you will begin to know without a shadow of doubt that you have always been loved and cared for and that you never walk alone.

Along your trail blazing path, you have encountered much that was not love and being empathic, took on these energies thinking they were your own. The time has come when your power of discernment and intuition will grow by leaps and bounds and you will find the ability to detach from the energies and challenges of others while still giving Love and compassion. Each of you have had tests and trials that have been making you turn yourselves inside out in your quest for transparency and purity. Even as these old energies are still being brought out from the depths of your Being, know that it is only a matter of time before these fall away from you forever, leaving only wonder and awe in its place. Continue reading “Marlene Swetlishoff”

Greg Giles

Greg Giles – Message from the Galactic Federation – 24 December 2011

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Of course, the hidden language of the esoteric and exopolitical fields is not hidden within our messages. These messages can act as keys to unlock hidden and dormant potential within the human vessel. Recognizing these keys is not always necessary to unlock this potential. What is necessary is taking in the energies of these themes with an open mind. Keeping an open mind is a primary prerequisite of learning any subject, and the exopolitical and esoteric fields are, of course, no different.

There is much going on in and off your world and you will learn so much more of this as the days pass. Soon, many of you will be working either directly or indirectly with us, the Galactic Federation, and as such you will learn much about our relationships with so many other groups throughout space and even throughout your planet. Keep in mind, we always wish to keep you informed as knowledge is of primary importance to the sovereign being. You will acquire vast amounts of knowledge once you are free from restrictive confines of the dark ones. This day is approaching rapidly. Their empire is collapsing and it will not be long now until humanity’s freedom rings like a bell throughout all lands of Earth. Continue reading “Greg Giles”

Karen Doonan

Crystalline Sanctuary


Dear ones we are with you as you celebrate this time of family and of loved ones. We will not break into your day of celebrating other than this message to show our love and support to you. We are the Dragon Realms and we come to show our support for all of humankind across the planet.
Today for many of you may be a time where old memories begin to surface as you begin to remember those who are no longer in the physical. We are here to guide you to allow these to go, for in letting go you allow the energies that were your relatives in human form to take a step closer to you. For ALL ARE ONE. Much will change and shift over the festive period, we come through many channels to advise of these massive shifts in consciousness and we come once more to guide this. Continue reading “Karen Doonan”

The Oracle Report

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 Sunday, December 25, 2011

New Moon Phase

On Christmas Day, there is only one thing to focus on: peace on Earth and good will toward all.  Merry Christmas!

The Oracle Report

NOW AVAILABLE: FREEE E-BOOK The Astrology of the Black Moon: A Guide to Healing the Shadow SIde (see “Books” page for more information)

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 Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Moon Phase

It would be easy to give in to the theme of today’s energy – a buzzkill.  By this I mean that there is a distinct damper being placed on fun and enjoyment.  But The Oracle Report is here to tell you about the pervasive energy and then give suggestions on how to handle it more effectively (in a way that serves our personal spiritual enlightenment and the evolution of the planet as a whole).  Most importantly, we will need to significantly revise our expectations today.  It’s a new Moon with completely different energy from last month.  Last month was ethereal and nebulous and this month is hard, cold reality.  So if we soften our expectations of ourselves and others, we will be way ahead of the game.  If you find yourself beginning to struggle with anything, stop yourself and let it go.  Don’t fight it!  Fall back on the inner resources you developed over the past month – this is your true home.  Accept that this is just a really weird day at an inopportune time.  Make your own fun and joy in whatever way you can.  This energy will bring out the worst in many.  Stand your ground, radiate your own field, and let it all happen around you.  Doing this will change the conditions and lessen the effects.  This New Moon is in Capricorn – which is ruled by Saturn and he doesn’t play around.  The New Moon is also conjunct Pluto – which takes things deeply into the negative in order to bring about new positives.  It is heavy energy, so do your best to lighten the mood and don’t allow others to make your day for you.

Greg Giles

Message from the Galactic Federation 12~23~11


Time is running out. To act as if nothing is happening is the cabal’s only choice right now as they have seen all their last minute options and desperate attempts fall drastically far from the mark. We have seen to this. Together in an alliance with our Earthen allies, we have systematically destroyed every plan, maneuver, front, and offensive the cabal and all their ruthlessly cunning minds could manage to concoct. They are very short of days and will continue to fall unevaded until they and their twisted plans for world domination and the enslavement of the entire human populace have completely crashed and burned. The leaders of the cabal will face justice for their actions. This is the best way for them to learn from their mistakes, and it also gives so many others, either victim or accomplice in the evil game, an opportunity to also learn from all of this. Continue reading “Greg Giles”

Karen Doonan

All Reams – Message for the 23rd of December

Greetings beloved ones we come through our channel at this time to give you messages of hope and peace to be spread out across the planet earth. For now is a time like no other in the entire history of the planet earth that you reside on. As the changes now begin to show themselves within your societies and across your planet there are still residual fears that are being brought to the surface. We guide for you to detach from these fears, see them for what they are, they are the old conditioning taught to you through the illusion to keep you in slavery. Detach and become the observer, watch what the teachings try to teach you and then pour love and compassion through them to dissolve them.
There is no need to be in fear for all is perfect and all is unfolding. Continue reading “Karen Doonan”

Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa, December 23, 2011 Thrive

You want to see evidence of the progress we have made, and that is understandable after patiently waiting for quite a long time for something that indicates the stage that events have reached. That type of proof is only known by those actively involved who are of course our allies, that you will find in many different countries. They are however principally in the U.S. that is the home of many of the covert operations that have taken place. It is also where the Illuminati are to be found and for that reason, where you may expect the first news of their apprehension. Clearly nothing of this nature and of such importance can go ahead without information being leaked to the outside world. So what you can do is keep in touch with reliable contacts on the Internet who are privy to such news. This way those who are issuing disinformation will be sidelined and unable to confuse people.

As the weeks pass by you will need to be vigilant, and bear in mind that the dark Forces are being pursued regardless of which country they are in. Depending on the outcome it will determine when we can take our plan to a higher level, and get the desired results that will allow us to go ahead with Disclosure. Everything is so near to being resolved, and we wait with keen anticipation. Continue reading “Mike Quinsey”