Greg Giles

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Discussions concerning all matters of humanity’s ascension into a higher dimensional existence culminating in 2012.

 Friday, December 30, 2011

Message from the Galactic Federation 12/30/11

The universe is full of magick and adventure which, if you have not discovered for yourself already, will be at your fingertips as you ascend into the higher realms of possibility. 3D Earth has also possessed her share of magick and secrets, but these aspects of your experience have been quite limited. Soon to be unlimited are your new powers and your new experiences throughout the vastness of space. You will explore unknown and uncharted corridors and meet new races and species of beings. You will discover countless new varieties of life; intelligent, animal, aquatic, and you will also find all beings possess greater intelligence than you might have previously imagined. Continue reading “Greg Giles”

Denise Le Fay

2011 Recap

Gads what a year 2011 was! Mother of gads, what a month December 2011 has been!! The entire year was intensely compressed, difficult, and highly challenging for me personally as I know it was for most of you too. Then December 2011 was a compressed super version of the whole year! December has been extreme and an intense last-minute second chance to resolve and tidy up (mop up the heart wounds and blood and guts!) whatever you/me/each of us needs to before the final year (2012) of the twenty-five yearlong Alchemical Ascension Process kicks in. Continue reading “Denise Le Fay”

Blue Star Transmissions

The Waxing and Waning of the Former Linear

12-25-11 to 2-25-2012

I share greetings with all of you ones there from all of us here. Now, it is as you ones have each been observed recovering from shocks both large and small about all that is transpiring on this world, that I have noticed the beginnings and the burgeoning of a type of understanding that has long been sought by you ones, but that has just recently found its home. Millions of you ones are having many episodes of “missing time.” No, I am not insinuating that you ones have somehow or other misplaced it. I am stating that the more deeply and quickly you have entered into the NOW time, the more quickly the linear has been dissipating for you on an individual basis. To so many of you this is a new understanding of what you have heard about from time to time but had not really experienced for yourselves. I am so pleased that so many of the cynics are now loath to vocally censure other peoples who have long been telling the cynics that time does not exist. You see, as a result of the impending 2012 chronological year line and all that it portends approaches faster and faster, this world has been experiencing major upward swoops and downward barreling of energies. This is all relative to your everyday life as well as your practical world concerns and does impinge on your eerily misunderstood concept of time and timelessness. Much as it does now on weight and weightlessness. Continue reading “Blue Star Transmissions”

Angela Peregoff

Happy 2012!

a message from Rev. Angela Peregoff
Friday, 30 December, 2011 

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As the universe closes down the old year with a bang of energy that serves to remind you and I that we are all being called into a point of Light that is excited about us being there let me add my wishes too for a new year that opens and expands you into more options and possibilities. The last twelve months have been about restructuring, reordering, and reorganizing – from the most subtle internal electromagnetic levels to the bigger external commitments of change in physical time and space.  

2012 is your year to wear your Light and Soul well. To become the master of your fate by making choices that move you into a space of freedom. To be thankful for all that is you and all that is about you, for you are the creator of your universe.

The harmonizing energies of the Capricorn cycle that were ushered in with the new moon on the 24th of December will nurture you with the loving energies of giving and receiving allowing you to discern the necessary balance of structure (male, electric, doer, yang, manifestor energy) and flow (female, magnetic, being, yin, all possibility energy) for the coming 2012 time period Continue reading “Angela Peregoff”

Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa, December 30, 2011 Thrive

At a time when you are finding that you have the ability to bring unconditional love into your life, and we send that energy to all souls of the Earth. We have a commitment to give you every help to achieve a state of being that is going to prepare you for Ascension. Your part is to be aware and receptive to such energies, and to put them into use in your everyday life. It requires a new mindset as most lives are presently controlled by the ego, that works in your self-interest. It is the final challenge that is the hardest to overcome but you can do it, and will feel elated that you are in total control.

The dark Ones are gradually becoming resigned to their defeat, and lose more power as each day passes. They see the worldwide movements for peace as more and more people realize the value of coming together, and that by sheer numbers they are achieving their aims. Continue reading “Mike Quinsey”

The Oracle Report

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Crescent Moon Phase

Today brings the culmination of intense solar and astrological energy.  Emotions remain high and situations changeable, but in the midst of all of this, we are gifted with insight and understanding about something.  This information is like a barometer, helping us gauge situations.  The power to “tune in” and radiate harmony is also high.  Our personal energetic fields, which exists as generators of love and light on the planet, are “amped up” today.  At the same time, situations or people that are radiating on the negative end of the spectrum also have their personal energetic fields magnified, so be aware of this.  Mars is the big story today, prompting impulsivity and aggression but also forward movement and refreshment.

Children of the Sun

Ki of Life Trainings Begin

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To all COS Planetary Light Servers ~ GEO Light Teams ~ Light Transmission Team

  Children of the Sun Group Avatar
2011 Ki of Life Trainings

Through recent initiations, we are finally poised as a matured collective body to serve as an integral component of Divine Causation. Our abilities are greatly expanding to assist as servant of Mother Father God to expand the power of Creation and the cosmic Sacred Fires, by us and through us as the Planetary Light Servers. Continue reading “Children of the Sun”