Rebecca Couch

Healing Our Broken Hearts

Rebecca Couch
a message from The Council of Light channeled by Rebecca Couch
Thursday, 22 December, 2011  (posted 29 December, 2011)

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This time of year dredges up much pain and sadness held in the recesses of our hearts. It is a profound opportunity to heal and transform those bruises into a lightened, expanded heart. Compassion is a fire that heals your own and another’s heart Continue reading “Rebecca Couch”

Inelia Benz

2012 Here we go!

I have been asked various times what I see for us in 2012.  And as we move into this new year, there is a definite charge in the air about what will happen on the planet.

One thing is for certain, the “powers that were” have really stepped up the Fear Machine and we will probably see some drama coming up.

There are two aspects to the New Year. One is the end of the old, and the other is the start of the new.  Even though not quite aligned with the solstice, and natural Earth rhythms, the calendar new year is charged simply by being accepted and used by millions of individuals to have closure on certain things, and place intentions of new things to come.

Indeed, this is a perfect opportunity for all of us to ride this energy and enter new cycles.  What is your greatest dream? Daydream it as being a reality in 2012. Continue reading “Inelia Benz”

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

The Quantum Awakening

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The opulence, the prosperity, the role of Creator-ship that you so seek is within the cellular structure of your being.  It is not housed in a thought, it is not housed in a meditation, it is not housed in a way of life, but it resides within all potential tapped and untapped within the multi-dimensional structure that you exist within. Continue reading “Gillian MacBeth-Louthan”

Patrice Thompson

Astrology December 29, 2011: Sun Conjuncts Clearing Pluto

29 Thursday Dec 2011

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The illuminating Sun is making its annual conjunction with secretive Pluto. What has been hidden in the depths may now be rising to the surface.  This is very potent energy for clearing, as Pluto governs the process of elimination. It also rules regeneration and transformation. When we willingly let go and release what is no longer needed, we pave the way for wondrous new beginnings to emerge. The Moon’s placement in dissolving, mystical Pisces today also supports our readiness for a spiritual renewal.

“The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.” Wendell Berry

Today’s Affirmation: I lovingly let go of the drama in my life and choose to embrace a cocooning peace.

Famous People with Sun conjunct Pluto: Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Patrick Swayze, Mick Jagger, Peter Jennings, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kathie Lee Gifford

If you could wipe the slate clean, what would you do?

Patrice Thompson

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Should old acquaintance be forgot…

31 12 2011

At this time of Hogmanay when our minds turn around to face the past year ..and then spring back to see the wide expanse of a New Year … there is also a rather odd song which is sung.

It is based on a song which Robbie Burns heard…and then did some further work on ..and speaks about whether we ought to leave behind  old acquaintances … and then maybe have a drink to them  … for old times sake … For Auld Lang Syne.

This year has seen many people appear in my life … some of them from my soul family … and a few of them interestingly from where I began this earthly life … on the other side of the world.

Some people have left … some are leaving … however I do not feel that I need to hang on to anything or anyone at this point.

I am trusting with the flow of the energy and just as I am welcoming new ( on this particular trip that is :-) ) people into my life… I am also letting others go … if that is where the energy is heading.

It all feels good…and free… and really in the great scheme of things it doesn’t matter as we are here for such a short while…. and on another level we are never really apart from anyone.

So … I say I won’t forget old acquaintances …. but I won’t try to hang on to them either … however … I will nae say noo to a wee bevvie this Hogmanay.

Good grief … as you can see … my attempts at a Scottish accent are as atrocious in written format as they are when I try to speak it … maybe a little something else I could let go of … apologies to my husband and any other Scots who happen upon this.


Happy Hogmanay everyone!

Sandra Walter

Anticipating the 2012 transformation

by Sandra Walter on December 29, 2011

Blessings to all of us as we enter this highly energized year of 2012. The anticipation of personal and global transformation are heightened to a frenetic level right now, and it is important to disconnect from that collective anxiety as often as you can. Thought forms are zipping around, some in panic, some in dread, and some in the hope that a magical leap in awareness will occur this year. Be very clear on which thoughts belong to you, and which belong to the collective consciousness.

Recommendations for the big 2012

Make a gratitude list

2011 was packed with activations and awakened us to our true selves on many levels. Write down a list of everything you have learned, celebrated or discovered about yourself. It will ground those experiences and attract more goodness as you thank the Universe for what is occurring in your life. Even if circumstances seem troubling, be grateful you are awake! Continue reading “Sandra Walter”

The Oracle Report

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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Crescent Moon Phase

The last day of 2011 brings us energy to finally overcome an long-time obstacle, reunite with someone or something with which we have been estranged, see the truth of a situation, forgive and transcend a wrong, and accept the way things are.  All of these things can be applied personally to yourself, as in overcoming a barrier you’ve put in place for yourself, reuniting with an aspect of yourself, seeing the truth in your actions and motivations, forgiving yourself for things you have done, and accepting where you are while taking responsibility for where you want to be.  This astrological confluence is quite a blessing on the eve of a new year.  It isn’t the new year astrologically or naturally – that comes with the New Moon in Aries in the spring.  But we’ll take it!  Graciously accept what your internal barometer showed you yesterday about the state of things for you now (and the state of things to come) and give thanks for the insight.  One other thing:  The North Node and Venus are in sextile, meaning events that transpire today within relationships have a destiny quality.  Whatever happens or develops is meant to happen or develop.