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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crescent Moon Phase

Chain reactions that began over the weekend continue an explosive trend today.  Mars, the God of War, Anger, and Aggression, is dominating the energy by making aspects to not only the Sun but also to the ultra-powerful annual conjunction of Venus and Pluto.  These influences are having a direct result on hearts (the physical organ of the heart and the emotional dynamo of the heart).  If this energy is affecting you strongly (which it most likely is if you are a Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces, as well as Capricorn), take to heart that the conditions you are experiencing are part of a major rectification of the course of your life and your future -particularly involving personal and professional relationships and the management of grief, sadness, and broken dreams.  A new response to life is coming from deep within your mind and soul.  However, this new response will not be visible in the slightest way until at least December 15, so we have to trust that it is happening.  Mars energy is impulsive.  When it is in full effect, it is hard for us to remember to go within and take the stance of the observer (see the last several days’ posts on the “Archives” page for more info).  We are supposed to be emulating the wise old owl shrouded behind the leaves of the tree, watching what is happening.  But if you can’t fight the urge to swoop down and take something out, at least trust that your instincts are true and accept the changes that the chain reaction brings.

John Smallman

John Smallman – JESUS- Something Unusual Is Going On – 27 November 2011

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With major political and economic changes occurring all over the world no one can any longer claim to be unaware of the fact that something unusual is going on.  Events that are going to prove to be of enormous significance for humanity are happening with increasing frequency, and on a scale that has never been seen before.  The time for wars and conflicts of any kind is drawing rapidly to a close as the intent to treat every single being with respect, compassion, and love becomes the general energy motivating humanity, replacing that of fear and distrust which has been endemic for eons.

Humanity is on the verge of awakening, and that is a very exciting and uplifting prospect because the issues and problems that have endlessly plagued you can now be addressed with the necessary wisdom and understanding to enable and ensure their resolution.  This is indeed a marvelous time to be experiencing life on Earth as a human, Continue reading “John Smallman”


Unity and Embracing the Collective Shadow

Recently I’ve noticed that many Lightworkers still seem to be stuck in the polarity concept of ‘Them and Us’. For many years we’ve all felt this separation strongly – without this polarity thinking, we couldn’t have done what we did. So it was necessary for us to think in terms of ‘Them and Us’ in order to become Lightworkers – how else could we have known what to fight? Without knowing the opposite of the Light that we have been working with, we would have had no drive to do what we did. It was the dark, which represented everything that is abhorrent to us that spurred us on to bring in more and more Light. Now that we have managed to bring in enough Light for Ascension to be a certainty, we can give ourselves a well deserved spiritual pat on the back. However, as we are now looking forward to fully moving into the fourth dimension, knowing that we have overcome the third, we have to start to adjust this third dimensional – polarity – thinking to fourth dimensional thinking.

Leading up to 11-11-11 we, as Lightworkers, were all given the impetus to embrace and clear the last of the emotional debris that we carried with us. This was necessary in order to be able to enter the portal of 11-11-11 into the New 4D Earth. In other words, we have all embraced our personal shadows or negative parts/energies and brought them into the Light to be healed. Now it is time to do the same with our Collective Shadow – the Shadow of the whole of humanity.

We’re into the next phase, which is about working towards UNITY. In order to achieve Unity, we have to leave all thoughts of separation behind. Continue reading “Gabrielle”

Marilyn Raffaele

NOVEMBER 27, 2011

Greetings dear ones, once again we come to wish you a very happy holiday season in all that you celebrate at this time.

We see many getting caught up in the false sense of this holy time through the encouragement of those who would have you believe that love equals material things–that the more you give or receive, the more love you are showing or being shown.  Please be aware that this is a concept of the old energy, a concept that has grown through the  years  since Christmas was first celebrated in the ways you now celebrate.  Please try not to equate love with  material things.  Yes, gifts can represent  the love you hold for another, but they are only that, a representation. Love can be expressed in many ways.  Ask yourselves as you shop; “What is my intention in this purchase?” Continue reading “Marilyn Raffaele”