Jennifer Hoffman

The Energies of November 2011

31 October 2011 – 1:59pm |  sensipeter

Monday, 31 October, 2011  

As I started writing this article, I could hear Chicago’s song, “Where Do We Go From Here?”. We’re nearly at the end of 2011 and what a year it has been for all of us. Personally, I prefer to focus on how far we have come and we have definitely come a very long way. Can you remember where you were energetically and emotionally at the beginning of this year? Where are you now? Can you see where you have made profound changes in your thinking or being? Hold onto your seats because this will be a powerful month and year end that includes our final Mercury retrograde and an eclipse in December.

In the 2011 predictions I posted in late December 2010, I wrote the following about this period: “November 21 to 30: This is the last power period of 2011 and the one which will seem deceptively easy but in reality, what we will experience is the flow of the energy and how easy (being in) it really is. We will process all we have experienced in the year and understand how divine order works. This period is key to establishing the energies of 2012, and what happens in this period will be another deciding point for many people. We will hear of many deaths as there will be many who decide their time here is finished. There will also be an unusual number of births, dramatic life changes and sudden changes in governments, politics and economic conditions.”

So far we have seen many of these changes and they are not over yet. But we don’t have anything to be afraid of because we have been part of this process all along, even if we think that much of it happens outside our consciousness, intention or will. We are part of this ascension journey as participants and co-creators, not victims or helpless bystanders. November also includes a Mercury retrograde period whose shadow period begins on November 5 and we have a Solar Eclipse on November 25. This month is our signal to decide how we want to live, in chaos and fear or in peace and joy. It’s our choice and we can have whatever we choose. The time is always right, even if we feel we didn’t pick the time or the circumstance. Continue reading “Jennifer Hoffman”

Karen Doonan

Welcome beloveds we have come to communicate and support at this time. We are the BEings from beyond and before time and we come to guide around the further dissolving of the old energies and concepts and the emergence of the new energies. We are here to help YOU understand and anchor the new energies as YOU detach and dissolve the old.

Much is written about the concept of time and that is what we wish to guide on at this time, as many humans across the planet start to detach from the illusion of time in all forms. For many this transitionary period of integration has caused much anxiety and many fears have arisen to the surface in order to be released and transmuted. For many others those fears still hold on, unable to be released as the human concerned holds on to that which is routine for fear of the unknown, yet the unknown contains their highest potential and it is this we wish to guide upon.
Time is a concept that has enslaved the human race and constrained and contained. Many humans across the planet have anchored the concept of time so deeply into their BEing that they are unable to see how to detach from something that suppresses.    Many cling on to the concept of time and “same” in a desperate attempt to make sense of the world around them and we guide ALL to detach from this behaviour. Whilst the mind whirls into overdrive driving to prove and disprove, trying to make sense of the chaos that is freedom, illusion grows dear ones and it is illusion who is YOUr keeper.    We ask why the need for so much constraint in a world that is now FREE?

Many have not understood fully the concept of time being a ruler and we note that until recently our channel did not fully understand the whole concept of this. She has now been shown the biggest illusion of all in relation to the calendar and we are confident she can move past this.    We guide on the concept of months, days and years and guide ALL to detach from these teachings. The calendar was invented as a form of control and many now live their life experience through the containment of the 24hour period and the time called months. This is a form of control that perpetuates “same” beloved ones and that is a tool of illusion.

We note that many are now gearing up to the 11/11/11 and we guide ALL to be wary of falling into this. Whilst this date is a portal and contains much significance for the human race it has not come into the moment beloveds. At this time the “date” is moving to take ALL who attach to it out of the moment and into the future, which is a teaching of illusion. YOU create at this moment beloved ones, this moment, not in the future nor the past for that is illusion, the only time is NOW. Continue reading “Karen Doonan”

Talyaa Liera

November 2011: Dreaming Your Wild Dream

This is the month where you can begin to dream your dreams into reality. Oh? Can that really be true? Can I truly live my dreams? Of course you can. You always could. And this is the month where you begin to see your power of dreaming put into action.There are a few tricks to this. You knew there would be tricks! If it were so simple, then wouldn’t everyone be doing this, be living their wild dreams and having the lives they truly wanted? Of course they would. Which brings us to Trick #1.Trick #1. You are already living the life you choose.

Yes, on some level you are choosing the life that you have, right now. You chose everything about it – your eye color, your occupation, your favorite kind of breakfast. You chose all this on some level. You are already living everything you wanted.

Now take that in for a moment. Do you feel the enormous power that you have? The power you had in arranging things – just so – to be the way that, on some level anyway, you truly wanted? Tap into that sense of power for a moment. Really enjoy it. Feel your bigness, your majesty, your infinite connection to all there ever was or will be.

Can you imagine all this for a moment? Good. Hold on to that while you take in Trick #2.

Trick #2. You can change what you want.

Yes, you can change your mind and want something different than you have been getting. It’s okay! Change your mind to want what reflects the You that you are becoming rather than the You that you have been.

That last sentence was so important that we repeat it: change your mind to want what reflects the You that you are becoming rather than the You that you have been.

This process, of course, invites you to think about who you have been. And who you are becoming. Take your time with this. The energy for this reflection – as well as the huge inner paradigm shift that will take place for you as a result – is available to you all month. And beyond. But especially this month.

In fact the more energy you put into reflection and exploration of who you are becoming versus who you have been, the more effective your ability to dream your wild dream into being. So write it all down. Keep a daily journal. Make a list and check it twice. Keep track of your dreams, all of them, day and night. Pay attention to your inner world, for now – more than any other time this year – your inner world is speaking to you. Loudly. Listen.

And while you think about that, think as well about Trick #3.

Trick #3. Dream wild. Dream big. Dream impossibly. Continue reading “Talyaa Liera”

Sarah Jane Grace