D.L. Zeta

The Limitless Expansion into Infinite Possibility

Everything that has been envisioned for the new time on planet Earth is already here now and waiting to be energized more fully into the present moment of each individual.

While each person is free to continue experiencing their present reality, they are also free to expand more fully into expanded energies now available. Existing in a state of limitless expansion into infinite possibility boils down to using your powers of intuition and perception while choosing to energize expanded potentials by raising your vibrational frequency to come into resonance with those potentials.

Fifth-Dimensional Realities are Here Now

As we have said, fifth-dimensional realities and beyond are already in existence. What we are talking about here is expanding your capacity to perceive and experience these realities within your present moment. As your capacity expands, you begin to live more fully in fifth-dimensional realities.

Accessing Threshold Frequencies to High-Vibrational Realities

Once you raise your vibration to access “threshold frequencies” you can over time continue expanding into the frequencies until you are living more fully in your chosen reality.

Wherever you are energetically, you are able to access doorways into expanded realities. At first you may only be able to experience the threshold or entry point to a new field of potential. Allow whatever is happening to be perfect within the moment. A willingness to exist in a state of beginner’s mind at the threshhold of a new and as yet unknown frontier is a prerequisite for ongoing expansion into greater realms of possibility.

Your Higher Self and Expanded Timelines

Your higher self already exists within these expanded energies. Your telepathy with your higher self will often bring you glimpses of high-vibrational realities.

Sometimes people convince themselves that their higher self will naturally guide them to exist in these new potentials over time. This is true in a sense but too often this rationale is used to justify laziness on the part of the conscious mind. The higher self provides glimpses of potential realities and guidance concerning steps to energize these realities into one’s daily life, but it is always up to the individual to take the actions that allow this to happen. The ultimate purpose of spirit incarnating into a physical body is to allow us to become the eyes and ears, the voice, hands and feet of the higher realms on Earth.

The True Nature of Expansion

To clarify, expansion is not about having more, but about being more – more of who you are in the higher dimensions. When we talk about expansion, we’re talking about manifesting more of your higher self into your present moment.

An expansion timeline is activated by any course of action that leads you to experience greater love. Expansion timelines bring you into greater resonance with high-vibrational realities and offer constantly unfolding opportunities for you to share your natural abilities and gifts with others. An expansion timeline naturally leads you to experience greater abundance, unconditional love, greater self-empowerment, opportunities for service, improved health, self-realization, inner peace and all the qualities identified with high-vibrational realities.

In coming weeks we will examine many facets of the limitless expansion into infinite possibilities.

For more on reality creation, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

For more on accessing fifth-dimensional timelines, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

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Energetic Footprints and Remote Outposts: Bridging Consciousness to the Heart of your Future Home

An important step in becoming a conscious creator is exploring alternate future realities to discover the path most aligned with your heart. In your future, numerous alternative potential realities exist side by side. As you explore these various realities in consciousness (via imagination and observation) you are able to choose a reality in which you wish to focus your earthly presence at a point in the future. In physical reality, this process might be likened to scouting for a new structure that will become your home.

As you explore alternate futures, you set down footprints or energetic markers that allow you to return to these realities if you choose to do so. Once you have chosen a potential reality, you can set about creating the circumstances that will lead you to eventually reside in that reality.

Energizing Future Realities in Consciousness

It is much easier to create at the energy level than to create from a purely physical perspective. Within the present moment, you can change how you respond to the circumstances you are currently experiencing, but you can’t change those circumstances. You can choose a new reality at the energy level and begin making moment to moment decisions aligned with your intentions.

When you take steps at the energy level, you encounter very little if any external resistance. This is because the realities you create fly under the radar of physical reality. This allows you to cultivate and nurture your creations without interference or distraction. By the time your creation is ready to manifest in physical reality, this new creation has already taken on a life of its own and is far less vulnerable to the whims of the world.

Specialized Navigation and Bridging Techniques

In many respects, the new time – the Fifth-Dimension and beyond – is now more accessible than ever before. New realities steeped in love, gratitude, compassion and inner peace exist side by side with realities still spinning out replicas of old realities of conflict, struggle, scarcity, separation and unlove.

Access points to higher dimensions exist from any location in consciousness. Even those high-vibrational realities that exist at a distance from the present moment can be accessed though specialized navigation and bridging techniques that allow us to shift our focus from our present location in consciousness to a potential yet more remote future reality. Using bridging techniques such as energetic footprints and remote outposts allows us to navigate distances without becoming lost in the middle of a quantum transition.

Energetic Footprints and Remote Outposts in Consciousness

Creating your future from the energy level allows you to set down a marker or outpost inside a future space. When you set down an energetic footprint, part of your consciousness begins to exist there. More long-term shifts in focus are engineered by setting up intermediate outposts in consciousness and moving your point of focus slowly to these outposts, progressively increasing alignment with your desired distant reality.

Intermediate outposts serve as steppingstones guiding you to the future you have chosen. This is along the lines of setting down a breadcrumb trail for your future self. The number of outposts required depends on the span of time and energy between your present location in consciousness and the location of your desired reality. This is how you create the circumstances for different future aspects of yourself to collaborate over time to create a new future reality. These different aspects of your consciousness operate day by day, moment by moment to bridge your present consciousness into new and ever more expansive realities.

For more on reality creation, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

For more on accessing fifth-dimensional timelines, see The Future is Here Now: Steps to Accessing Fifth-Dimensional Consciousness By DL Zeta

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Portals as Pathways into other Dimensions and Realities

Because portals are pathways into other dimensions and realities, they exist in consciousness as energetic fields. These energetic fields can help us heal, create works of art, shift our consciousness to a new timeline or identity, connect with others in consciousness, perceive other locations in time and space and much more.

There are many different ways to view, access and experience portals. By raising our vibration to access spiritual vision, we can begin to perceive the many portals that exist in consciousness. Though we may be able to perceive many portals, our energy, thoughts, vibrations, beliefs and attitudes determine the portals we’re able to access within a given moment.

More specifically, the portals we access moment to moment vary according to shifts in our vibrational frequency. One way we can think of our overall vibration is in terms of the energy centers known as the chakras. Each chakra vibrates as an energetic portal within the realm and purpose of that particular chakra. The chakra that is dominant in your experience – where your focus is most strongly placed, in other words – determines your point of access to realities beyond the physical. If one is primarily operating from the root chakra, their access point will be from the root chakra or survival level. Our experience of life is determined by the portals we are able to access. If we’re focused at the survival level, for example, we will access the part of human consciousness that is a vibrational match to survival-based realities. We will draw people and situations that are ruled by the themes of survival.

Shifting to New Portals of Possibility

You may ask how one is able to step beyond the portals with which they are currently in resonance. Through intention, we can shift our thoughts and focus toward energetic fields beyond our current realm of experience. Using inner vision, we can begin to perceive portals with which we are not yet in resonance. If we choose a portal we’re not yet able to access, we can begin to entrain our focus and vibration to this new location in consciousness in order to create the energetic resonance needed to access it. Anything we are able to perceive is already an energetic potential that can be “tuned in” to our present-moment reality through intention, attention and action.

In the early stages of this process, we may choose to simply observe our field of potentials. We can imagine our potentials as energetic fields we bring our attention to day after day, just observing and inviting them to take shape on the big screen of our imagination. At first we might receive an image, an idea, a concept, or a feeling state. With time and focus we may experience lightning bolts of conscious connections, downloads, entire movies of potential story lines and reality threads rocketing through our consciousness.

One of the most empowering steps we can take is to gain awareness of our field of possibilities (even those potentials that are not yet probabilities) and consciously choose our path in life. All that’s required to create quantum shifts is a willingness to do what it takes to shift our focus and vibration to the realities we wish to experience.

As access points into new timelines of reality, portals are a tool that allows us to shift our focus to the realities we wish to experience. Since any reality we might envision is already in existence, we can enhance our experience of it by shifting our focus to it. One way to think of this is that we are accessing and energizing energetic portals that serve as doorways into the energetic fields where our preferred realities exist.

Excerpt from Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

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Charting the Seas of Distant Realities with Reality Loops and Life Track Transfers

Transformations in human consciousness are taking place that allow each of us to more easily chart the course of our destiny upon the sea of life. Inside this new time, we’re able to reach beyond self-imposed and mass-thought limitations previously accepted by younger and less aware versions of ourselves.

Some tools for navigating the new time are reality loops and life track transfers. These tools provide detailed steps that allow each person to engineer and manage timeline and identity shifts. Whenever we adopt a new reality thread, we make a timeline shift that allows us to experience a newly-chosen storyline. We can’t change the reality thread we are currently experiencing but we can shift to a reality thread more compatible with our current visions and goals. Once we change realities we can adopt an identity consistent within this new timeline. Identity shifts allow us to choose the role we will play within a new storyline.

Reality Loops are Steppingstones to New Life Tracks

Reality loops are tools that help us navigate from our present life track to more distant life tracks. Shifts from one life track to another represent life track transfers. A life track transfer takes place when we shift from our current reality thread to a new one of our choosing.

Life Track Transfers allow us to Access Distant Realities

We can break more complex life track transfers into a series of reality loops. This is important because often it happens that we set our sights on realities energetically removed from our present moment. While not readily accessible from the present moment, these distant realities can be reached through a series of well-planned life track transfers.

If you’re working on a longer term project, you will need to divide your realization process into a series of reality loops. A series of loops is needed when your goal is not accessible to your immediate timeframe. Many now are expanding their powers of psychic perception, which enables them to perceive potentials that reside within distant energetic fields. It can be frustrating to perceive these potentials if we can’t access them from our present moment. The answer to this dilemma is to choose the most viable reality you can access from your present moment and keep looping into adjacent realities until you are able to access your desired goal. This series of interlinking loops may take weeks or months or even years.

Charting the Course of your Destiny

Like any good captain navigating the waters of life’s seas, you can chart a course to your destination over a period of time. Dividing this voyage into a series of loops helps you make the life track transfers that eventually – with divine timing – bring you to your desired location in time and space. The key is holding the map of your voyage in mind but bringing the bulk of your attention to the present loop or leg of your intended journey. The further afield your focus from your present loop, the less effective your efforts. Always keep most of your focus within your present sphere of influence. This is your true point of power.

The Nature of Reality Loops

As we have said, transfer from one life track to another is made possible by applying a series of reality loops. To effectively utilize reality loops, break down the steps it will take to reach a chosen destination and see them as complete realities or periods unto themselves. Each individual loop has a beginning, middle and an end. Your focus and attention in your present moment must be directed toward the loop or segment you’re currently moving through. You may hold the entire course in mind as well as the goal, but your effectiveness – your greatest strength, so to speak, will be your present reality loop.

It is a balancing act to remain true to your present reality loop while existing in a state of willingness to move past this loop and release it when the time comes. When one reality loop ends and another begins, you may find relationships and other aspects of your current reality thread coming to an end. A willingness to move through the ending and beginning process time and again is essential to making successful life track transfers using the reality loop technique.

For more on timeline and identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

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Transcending Time and Space

Transcending time and space is a matter of removing your conscious focus from the space/time continuum. Stepping outside time and space happens when we consciously choose to enter the world of no-time. This is the timeless dimension of spirit where you become a time traveler visiting your past and future to discover your spiritual destiny.

By traveling through time to your past, you are able to bring about healing and release for the parts of your spirit trapped in time by emotional traumas and other misunderstandings. Releasing your past frees trapped energy that immediately becomes available to empower your present moment. An empowered present-moment self is able to travel to your future to commune with your future self and discover who you are becoming and what you came here to do. By merging with your future selves, you are able to view the fruits of your present creations and make course corrections if you don’t like what you see. Likewise, you can learn needed steps to create something specific. If, for example, you are writing a book in the present moment, you can travel to the future to learn the steps of the book’s creation.

Time travel in consciousness may seem beyond the capabilities of an earthbound consciousness. When the awareness is completely contained within the physical existence, this is a barrier to perceiving one’s spiritual destiny and the contracts you signed onto before this life began. The only way to discover your spiritual contracts while on earth is to attune your consciousness to the world of spirit rather than the noise of the world.

By learning to step outside time and space, you free yourself of enslaving thoughtforms that keep you tethered to lower-vibrational energies. It is spiritual freedom that allows you to experience your highest probabilities.

12 Steps to Transcending Time and Space:

1) Create sacred space somewhere in your house or on your property. Saturate the space with the energy of your higher self. Build an altar, place candles and crystals here, or anything that lifts your spirit. Spend time here as often as possible.

2) Still your mind through concentration exercises such as focusing on a candle flame for 10 minutes each day.

3) Meditate. Spend time communing with spirit each day.

4) Practice daily pranayama breathing exercises to help oxygenate your body.

5) Enliven your body with life force exercises, yoga and tai chi.

6) Lighten your body by eating a diet high in living foods.

7) Begin a journal quest; keep an intuitive journal.

8) Take regular vision quests in nature.

9) Work with dreams, both waking and sleeping, and decode their symbols.

10. Study and cultivate peak experiences.

11. Practice visualization, develop your imagination, enhance your creativity.

12. Develop intuition and psychic awareness.

Excerpt from Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta



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