Spiritual Contract Removal – Andrew Bartzis

Soul Contract Revocations

By Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian.


Contract Removal for Media Systems ……………………………………2 Revocation of Banking systems …………………………………………….5 Revocation of Government…………………………………………………..8 Soul Contract Revocation for the Divine Masculine……………….12 Soul Contract Removal to Free the Divine Feminine………………15


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Sandra Walter ~Transfiguration: Truth and Triggers

Transfiguration: Truth and Triggers

Transfiguration – the embodiment of a very high light quotient which aligns us with Divine Will, Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Creative Intelligence for our higher purpose.


 I felt transfiguration would be a lengthy process, something the body vehicle would need months and months to accomplish. Religion’s tales of people bursting into bright visible light seemed distorted, or at least exaggerated for effect. Last weekend changed everything for me, and my attempts to describe it cannot capture the full realm of this experience. I feel blessed beyond belief to be here, now, on this planet, experiencing the miraculous transfiguration of my beingness in such a conscious way.


The new frequency – this absolutely powerful level of lovelight intelligence, is becoming intense for a few of us. The Solar Cosmic Christ activations are penetrating everything and overpowering all that was – for those choosing to embody this right here, right now. Continue reading “Sandra Walter ~Transfiguration: Truth and Triggers”


We are – Joy Williams w/ Lyrics


The song We Are by Joy Williams, with lyrics. Hope you enjoy!
This is your first step
Light is caught in your eyes

Heart beats
To the rhythm of the city streets
Can you feel it Can you feel it

We are one
We are reaching out
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Lisa Renee – The Fine Print

Category: The Fine Print

Starseed and Indigo, Welcome!

The Fine Print:

I. Divine Will is “Service to Other’s” orientation and is the New Plan and Law for the Changing of the Guard being positioned now.

II. It was never about “You”. You just thought so for awhile. Your body belongs to God Source and is a vehicle of Christ Intelligence. You are the returning embodiment of the “Christ Intelligence to the Earth”.

III. As a Vehicle of Christ Intelligence you will be required to do things your ego personality does not want to do. You will deliver Group Souls by releasing their bondage to the dark by Power in the Truth of the Light. You are an Emissary and Protector of the Divine Plan and Logos, the Word of God.

IV. You are to learn perfect “Service to Others” orientation without imposing your personal will. You are required to have no attachment to the outcome or to the result of your service. Self interest is now taken to the back seat in order to serve the greater Whole.

V. You will be penalized energetically if you persist in manifestation via the manipulation of forces to superimpose your personal agenda or ego will desire. You must master forces of Divine Inspiration over Personal Aspiration. You are being tested heavily to build this discernment through “Dark Arts Training” happening now.

VI. Consumptive Modeling is completed as Law on this Planet therefore all energies or spirit bodies that have been misdirected or used at the expense of another will be balanced back into a perfect equilibrium of the Forces. Return to the Rightful Owner is in effect however must be claimed in the authority of the Embodied Christ in God.

VII. You have accepted this “Clause” through being physically embodied at this time of the Ascension. You will either leave your body to continue this school or stay to Serve the Others. (Mission briefing complete.)

Indigo and Starseed you will live in joy through purposeful living, do not mistake this message as terse or insensitive to your hearts desires. Inner peace is waiting inside your heart as you strip the poison of addictive desire from your ego. You are the Sovereign Law made Manifest! For ONE and for All! 


This website is hosted through the AoA Earth Project as a human and Enlightened Extraterrestrial  collaboration between ES Community and  the GSF Stewards, The Krystal Star Intelligence and the Aurora Guardians. I am God! I am Sovereign! I am Free!


Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Courtesy of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Pippin: “I didn’t think it would end this way.”

Gandalf: “End? No, the journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path. One that we all must take.”

Gandalf: “The gray rain curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass. And then you see it.”

Pippin: “What, Gandalf? See what?”

Gandalf: “White shores. And beyond, the far green country, under a swift sunrise.”

Pippin: “Well, that isn’t so bad.”

Gandalf: “No. No, it isn’t.”

Source: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

PATRICIA CORI – DNA – The Akashic Record Lies Within Us All

Courtesy of Higher Density Blog

PATRICIA CORI – DNA – The Akashic Record Lies Within Us All – April 2013


By Patricia Cori

Thanks to   http://sirianrevelations.net/the-voice/articles-by-patricia-cori/dna/

(posted in Tone Magazine, Ottawa Canada April 2013)

In this amazing time, the Great Shift of Ages, we are whirling in an unfathomable race that has us tethered about, bouncing between the technological revolution and the spiritual awakening of growing numbers of human beings. At the center of this volley of experience, is the foremost question of our evolving DNA.

We are being given the secret, sacred wisdom that regards the original blueprint of homo sapiens, that, according to the information I have been privileged to bring through from spirit, was a twelve stranded, light bodied Christed consciousness, a race designed by beings beyond – to be nested here in the garden of the Earth, Gaia, and left to flourish. So much has interfered with that perfected state of being that modern man has been reduced to a polarized, two-stranded helix of DNA,  Please continue reading

Planetary Chakra Reconfiguration – Energetic Synthesis

Courtesy of Energetic Synthesis

Planetary Chakra Reconfiguration

In regards to the information and inquiry in regards to the validity of the Chakras as mind control devices, I will give a particular perspective in an larger overview of their function and purpose, although, much of the content shared about chakras as Alien Implants has many kernels of truth within it, this is a matter which needs a balanced perspective, as there are different roles that are related to the spiritual Blueprint of an individual and that is exactly relative to the earth’s planetary lightbody. As always, with this information, take in what is resonant and discard the rest. This is an extensive topic that a simple written response here is not adequate, and it is a topic that is unraveling right now during this particular time of bifurcation, as there is a reconfiguration of many energy centers, such as the Stargates and the Chakra centers that exist in the collective consciousness fields that make up the human race, and this is simultaneously occurring with the earth body.

The Chakras that exist in the 3D earth’s energetic consciousness body are replicated in the 3D human energetic body at the point we incarnate on this 3D earth , as a result of coming here, we accept the planetary body imprint on our consciousness body, which configures itself into what we know as the main chakra cones. Each of these cones have an opening that directly interfaces with the same dimensional plane of the earth’s consciousness body and the 12 planets in our Solar System, that together, make up the total consciousness body of the original earth. Each of the chakras have membranes that separate the dimensions and the Ray forces that exist within that specific wave spectrum. As the planetary membranes collapse as a result of collapsing timelines and collapsing obsolete dimensional spaces (pockets of space time), so do the membranes dissolve that have created these separate compartments for the chakra cones. What is happening to dissolve the chakras membrane and the chakra panel is a result of the Ascension cycle and is an evolutionary event. Yet, some of the masses are not ready to leave the chakra system because they are fully interdependent on the energy centers governing the life force to circulate into their bodes functioning, until they awaken to choose to go beyond the ego programming, it is nearly impossible to remove or clear these membranes, as they will be seriously impacted. Some people on this earth are going absolutely crazy from this change happening in the chakra fields, as they have not been prepared for what is occurring. So it is helpful to comprehend that all beings that incarnate on the 3D timelines of earth, currently have this configuration in their personal energy centers, or through spiritual Ascension and developing their lightbody, they may have evolved past the chakra membranes that created the separation in-between the dimensional planes, that are represented as the chakra energy cones in an individual. A person incarnating into this density, a very low vibration, will not be able to hold the necessary high frequency that allows them to join fully with all of their many stations of identities that had been split apart and sitting inside the dimensional access of their own chakra cones. The person through developing consciousness, gets their identities integrated, retrieves missing pieces, and those pieces reintegrate through the chakra cone, so this in itself is an appropriate function for the overall collective consciousness state that exists on the earth right now. The majority of people will not have the consciousness ability to be involved in what you are referring to in evolving out of chakras yet, and many of us here are not only here to develop our lightbody, but to hold the necessary energetic space for the entire planet, the human tribes in the collective consciousness, to be the prototype that allows future humans to continue where we have left off.

In our perspective here, the Chakra overlays on top of the main core manifestation body, were originally designed in the earth body and imprinted in the earthlings as an energy center connected to a specific timeline, dimension and identities, that would operate to help that individual being, in concert with the collective planet earth consciousness and human tribes, to recollect soul fragments, recollect missing identities of exploded pieces that had been lost during many of the cataclysms. The Chakra panel would act as a homing pigeon, with a magnetic imprint, that acts as a way to recollect missing body parts, DNA imprints, and identities that had been lodged, impaled or stuck in multiple dimensional planes o the earthly body. These identities and body parts are strewn across the main seven solar planes of this earth, and these pieces of identity did not have any opening to evolve or move out from the location of where they had been stuck for eons of time. These fragments are identities in the higher dimensional planes that through a variety of disastrous events, such as planetary bodies exploding with all of its lifeforms, this consciousness became fallen in 3D matter, they became what we know as the broken mirrors of consciousness that were shattered into pieces, which need to be recollected and pieced back together. For people that have these pieces strewn on the earth, they will most likely still need these chakras, but for many of us, this is nonexistent, we do not have these chakras anymore. Once you reintegrate your spiritual bodies beyond the Solar planes, they collapse. As a part of the planetary event at the end of 2017 merging with the timelines of the 2nd harmonic universe, this dissolution of chakras will happen at a faster rate, and in relationship to our work with planet body, the 3 lower dimensions are rolling up, and the chakra and energetic wave spectrum that existed at that level will cease to exist on the earth.

We have spoken of the three main AI programs loaded into in the lower chakras, that have hijacked people’s minds. Most of us here may realize by now, that if you clear the AI functioning in the Negative Ego or Predator Mind, the chakra membranes will collapse. They collapse when you do not use the energies that were keeping them operating. By focusing on developing Virtues, goodness and alignment to God/Christ, the Law of One, this collapse will happen naturally. If you are still feeding and using that consciousness body, maybe because there are spiritual lessons that need to be learned, and identities that need to be reintegrated, you will still have these chakras operating, even when they collapse on the earth body, because it has been abused as a mind control system by the NAA and the negative forces that work very hard to keep humanity mind controlled. Many people are repeating the history of the repository of memories that were created as false identities from the use of negative ego. If you were to look at the chakras from a myopic view, you could say the chakras are potentially alien implants, because they have been connected to AI program and architecture that exists at that frequency level. The three AI programs are VV software, Sexual Misery and Armageddon Software, a code written to control the lower chakras and the physical body. As we know we live in the timelines of earth that are a consciousness prison, we are working with planetary architecture to lead the way out of this prison, and for those of us on that path, we will lose the chakras. They cease to be appropriate. However, one has to understand the larger picture of their function in the interface of the planet body, and it is not accurate to say they were created by alien forces of enslavement, it is more accurate to say these centers have been abused and taken advantage of by the NAA and dark forces of mind control.

We have some information that is attempting to be transcribed relating to the chakras being replaced with orb bodies, as this is planetary and not an individual event. So this means that many Star people have been preparing for this event, beforehand, and have been operating without the original chakras since about 2012. In this five year window this was important, as we have another measurement of the quantum field, and the alignment to new vectors in space time, we will effectively have moved far in future time at the end of 2017, but once again, very few people will actually be aware that this is happening. This event changes the chakra energy center configuration in the earth and individual people.

This is brief for now, as it’s a long topic to delve into. I hope that this helps to balance the perspective with a larger macrocosmic view, and that people’s individual experiences, may reflect a different message from how they perceive what is happening in their own lightbody based on their unique blueprint and spiritual mission. We all know we are enslaved here, and I would not say it is the chakra systems to fault for that, as it was intrinsic architecture to help this low dimensional plane be able to connect into higher planes, although it is abused by the negative forces that take advantage of that system. As energetic healers, we need to know the chakras are dissolving for those of us on the Ascending path, but we will still be sharing a planet with many people that still have these chakras operating, and they are valid for those groups.[1]


Bifurcation Planetary Update 12/11/2015

Lower dimension contents and Ley Lines returning to the Grual points to be reclaimed by Mother principle:

This Transcript is from one of the first sessions we had in North Carolina, after we moved from California, that explains the changes happening to the planetary body that is primarily discussing how the lower particle fields were rolling up, and the tributary of energies running on the planetary grid network were sending these currents in the horizontal Ley Lines, covered with entities and Miasma debris, back to the original stargate, or Grual point in the earth for reclamation. In my view, this began the conscious participation with the macrocosmic reconfiguration within planetary chakras, dimensional spaces in the particle fields, and other vortices and Dead Energy spaces, and recognizing these changes would directly impact human tribes, genetic mutation histories, individual energy centers and body parts, monadic structure and vulnerability to those tribes that had been involved with the 2nd Stargate war over God histories, as well as the connections to splicing human DNA with animals, which is what certain Milab agencies are involved with for various DNA experiments. Many of the people that are violent and aggressive in the world now, have these hybrid animal codes written into their light body to subvert DNA activation, thus making them prone to anger, irritation and forms of violence. It is long, so I have put a summation of key points here:


  • There’s a lot of obsolescence happening now with the movement of configurations impacting the lower field energies (1D, 2D and 3D). For that reason, focusing on primarily that seat of the monad (hara complex), seat of the soul, clearing reversal polarities, obsolete lower energies. We are being raised into the next higher frequency or harmonic attunement that is appropriate for the seat of the Monad to be fully embodied (hara complex). We ask to determine the physical body stability and all physical matrix reconnections that support this core body, monadic embodiment.
  • Strengthen that horizontal structure beneath your feet. This is the Earth Star, and this is going through a lot of changes because of our shifts in relationship to the lower particle fields that directly impact the Earth grid. The lower frequencies specifically in the first and second dimensions are undergoing changes due to the reconfiguration of the star gates on our planet.
  • As we are holding the focus for the skeletal structure, as our structure is undergoing deep changes, through the Universal laws of structure, through that which is relevant to current planetary changes in the law of structure that are impacting planet Earth itself. May we be in harmony, attunement and perfect resonance with these changes, and attunements into the next higher frequencies of these higher sub harmonic structures, harmonic structures which are anchoring onto the earth at this time. We ask our physical body and core to be stabilized, to these new structural laws.
  • Allowing the spinal nerves to attune to the new base code. As we know base code is our beloved and holy presence of Mother. Changes of base code, changes to magnetic code, on our planet are happening now. Allowing that structure of blueprint change gracefully. I feel a magnetic alignment… a magnetic attunement… to help soften or create more ease in some of the challenges we have been having with planetary grid changes.
  • This does feel very much related to the timelines of Tiamat, to reversal fields that are very impacted through the changes happening on our planet now, Baphomet fields, Tiamat death fields. When we understand that is reversal or Dark Mother. Base tone correction to these particular pieces we may be holding through either history, or consciousness fragments etc. We ask for alignment in all combinations and as appropriate and attuned to each individual and collective higher God purpose. False identity collapse, looking at false identities in the descended tribes.
  • The descended tribes are aspects of human tribes that we may hold either in our own personal lineages of DNA history, or have developed our selves in our service to collective consciousness, depending on our mission here, or our location. It is a part of the transiting that we have been working on in the last three months, two months, since this bifurcation shift occurred with the Subatomic field. It’s required a new degree of transiting, moving entities from one field to another, in continuing their rehabilitation, reeducation, or evolution journeying, out from the lower particle fields.
  • Humanity Tribe One and Humanity Tribe Two are vulnerable at this time, to more potential risk of descending timelines and descending identities, false identities, because of the problems planet Earth has in the first, second and third dimension. Again knowing the lower particle fields make up the three layers of Ego (predator mind), understanding the vibrational quality of those fields, and then understanding the genetic configuration that has the instruction set for those specific fields.
  • There are human beings on our planet that were seeded with the instruction sets genetically, through humanity Tribe One, humanity Tribe Two and humanity Tribe Three. The vibrational frequency configuration is undergoing a shift in the planetary body and thus those tribes are being more pressured in the density being applied, to I would say, to cultivate or harvest the highest frequency potential that that tribe has, in fulfilling their genetic purpose with Earth, the genetic purpose with them selves.
  • Humanity Tribe one, Tribe Two, Tribe Three has been our focus in the last three months and will continue to be our focus, because these three tribes need transit and rehabilitation. The descending tribes need to be moved out of false times and spaces, and false identities. Some have been superimposed upon, others have been working through choices and lost in dark ignorance, not knowing how to heal their soul. Not knowing how to heal or access the higher harmonic frequencies to help them evolve.
  • There are levels of Oraphim that hold all of the human tribal configurations, and when you do that you can rehabilitate or help transit lower tribes, as a portal jumper, as a transitor. We have been doing this it’s very rough on the body. We are getting used to this, new level of transiting. It’s something that again we are being prepared for, at this time to help strengthen our physical self, spiritual self, all aspects of self.
  • Beloved God may we assist to open the Trinity Gates and Triad Communication Station and Axiatonal Lines be run, to assist this particular necessary movement of current, these are ley lines, vortices, star gates of the earth. We are looking at energy feeding tributaries, like a river of energy that feed into Stargate One and Stargate Two. It looks like they are going to give us clarity on One and Two, as a focus for gridwork and transiting right now. Because three is still…on hold.
  • We know the problems with Dimension and Stargate Two, it is related to Jerusalem and the Grual point, or the Grail point, this is the issue of conflict between multiple species. For a moment I would also like to include humanity Tribe Two, as we go into mental bodies, we are looking at timeline collapses, through ley lines collapsing, and these are false timelines written in clock shield template impacting mental bodies and genetic tribal levels of the collective humans on planet Earth at this time.
  • As we go into the core of the earth and we see these linkups, these are energetic like rivers, tributaries that are a part of feeding into and exchanging with the grail points of earth.
  • Remembering grail point basically means the consciousness collective life force that was seeded on the planetary body, it is the collective life force, that came into the planet in the second gate. The second gate is known as the Grail gate or Grual point, because through that gate in planet Earth, everything will return. That means every single sphere on our planet will return to the second gate, because it is the Grail point. Like returning through ascension we return to the galactic center, the planet body energy centers, return to the grail point. That means there is a collapse that is occurring through these stargates and vortices. Stargates are getting reconfigured on our planet, as the energy is like a bowl. Think of a chalice, this is our Mother. The chalice holds massive amount of Chi, Life Force. That Life Force will return home, return to its original point, its point of origination.
  • When we think of humanity Tribe Two, and we think of the distortions that have happened to that tribe, the distortions to attack, and to create false identities. This is where Baphomet is, and this is where the seed of all the Dark Mother reversals are.
  • The people on our planet that are part of humanity Tribe Two, part of their genetic purpose in their soul and their consciousness, was to protect the Grail. Meaning that the hidden understanding of humanity Tribe Two is to understand that they were protecting the point of origination of planet.
  • The using and usurping, the raping of the feminine in order to create grotesque creations. These creations are part of the false identity, these are the creatures they have made as a sacrilege to God. It truly is that. When we think of the timelines of Pangaea, and the mixtures of when they were taking genetic splicing experiments. This has to do with artificial intelligence that they’re trying to re-create on the planetary surface right now, in order to bring the Pangaean distortion of genetic splicing to the surface of Earth, which is a mutation. It is a grotesque mutation of parasitic proportions, where you take a mixture of the human genome and you splice it with animals. I’m seeing that a part of this distortion was brought into Egypt from Atlantis history, and this is a part of what we will see as the astral distortions showing itself in humanity Tribe Two, making it vulnerable to decension.
  • What they are basically saying, or what is basically being explained to me at this moment, is that the distortions of the Pangaean and Atlantean abuse, of controlling the genetics of the 12 tribes of this Earth, was done in a way to splice human DNA with animals.
  • Which is hybridization of not only alien origins, the focus isn’t necessarily alien hybridization, what I’m seeing is where the aliens came in and did overriding with genetic code. They wrote code into the 2D Stargate, and went to Easter Island, goes over there and writes in a code. I’m thinking Saturn, black cube, Yahweh, Jehovah entities.
  • It feels like a signature of writing code that hybridizes the level of DNA to merge in order to become more animalistic, because as many of us are fully aware, the agenda is to dehumanize the human
  • All of the stargate vortices, planet chakras and energy centers will return to the source at some point.
  • Because as we move into higher frequencies, these lower dimensions collapse. When they collapse there is a quantic field, there is an energetic result of that collapse, and that energy can be harvested. They are there like a bottom feeder trying to collect that energy before it can actually return to its source origination. They’re interrupting the tributary flow, like if you think of the natural flow of energy, and think energy think of the river, and that tributary is trying to return to the ocean, is trying to go back to the ocean. They put it dam there, they redirect that river flow to go somewhere else. That’s what they’re doing with the second dimensional Stargate and the people that are impacted by the Second Tribe genetics are vulnerable.
  • When you create a false identity you basically slap a different coordinate in the timeline. It’s kind of like spinning out negative forms and then those negative forms take you on a false timeline. That’s what’s going on, it is to redirect people to somewhere else. As we know this is the game with astral, it’s the game with the phantom matrix, with these entities.
  • To reiterate that we have entered a time of bifurcation, and the bifurcation splits subatomic particles, which change the movement of the tributaries of Ley lines and vertical lines, and how those Ley lines and vertical lines connect into each other. We had talked about, I think last week, looking at the shelving, how horizontal lines and vertical lines and diagonal lines, were fitting into each other. And looking at matrices that were all discombobulated because of the bifurcation and the chaos that is created through bifurcation. It is like saying these things that should be connected into each other are not. There should be fields or tributaries of energy running and supporting each other, or connecting into each other, and in many places on planet there not. Because of the chaos, the challenges with the earth grid, the bodies that are impaled there or need to be moved out of there before it can be repaired and so forth.
  • So during this particular time I think it’s important to first understand that the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Star Gates of planet earth are being re-assimilated into higher harmonic frequencies, which is changing the location of that particular vortice.
  • The chalice point is an area where the Life Force is being able to be in-spirited and circulated into the planetary grid network, in that particular location. As we know, that has been hijacked and is synonymous with understanding that the spirit has been hijacked, and so has mother, because that is mother’s holy spirit that they are siphoning and using it in reversals in order to create these grotesque creations.
  • Understanding that a lot of the creatures that we may be seeing that are inhabiting these lower spaces, some of them are created beings from these entities, that have been using the reversal mother energies in these particular lower dimensions, impacting the 1st and 2nd dimensional Stargates. They are stealing energy and using it to create these entities.
  • This is very difficult to say, because it has nothing to do without judgment. It is about understanding a lack of symmetry. When you see a type of human that doesn’t look human anymore, that looks mutated. They are more an animal than they are human, based upon the thoughts, based upon the primitive reactions, based on digressive genetic mutations.
  • I’m really understanding is that is a part of descending tribes and the people that have been brought to the earth, that have been disconnected from their soul and are acting very animalistic, they are impacted by this, especially in their second chakra. What I’m really feeling is this genetic mutation of hybridization, where they took animals and humans and they spliced them together. That exerts an influence upon people of planet Earth that are only influenced by the second chakra. Meaning their second chakra rules them and they have not gone anywhere else, they are just stuck on base instincts and they don’t know what to do beyond that.
  • It is where all kinds of control that happens, the Mind Control at that level of 2D. So understanding this as a part of what has impacted the genetics of people in the second tribe. And part of that is harmful and destructive to the Grail point, because the planets natural function right now, and what is happening in the spheres of the stargates, the ones that that we know as our planetary gates. The first and second ones are specifically undergoing return, it’s like they’re being re-assimilated into the Grail point. So it’s like saying wherever there are second dimensional Ley lines, wherever there are first dimensional Ley lines. Remember there is a vortice, which is sort of like the Stargate, and then there are horizontal grids that are feeding this all over the earth. Now those are all being re-collected, they are going into the Stargate. The Stargate rolls up and then it returns itself, in its natural function to the grail point. Eventually apparently all of the stargates upon earth will do that. Right now on planet Earth we are dealing with the first and second ones, they are rolling up and they’re going back.
  • These are the structures that we have been actively dismantling and transiting. To be quite clear, and this is difficult to say because I don’t want it to be misunderstood. But this is annihilation, because if a structure is being misused with the intent to abuse and harm, with destruction in mind, it must be dismantled. But it must also be completely annihilated, so the substance that was used to create that structure is brought down to subatomic units, or down to a particle level that can be re-assimilated into something productive. Meaning that it cannot continue to exist in the same way that it was, it has to be broken down in consciousness units, it cannot continue to exist in that form. A lot of this has nothing to do with Krystal Star, it has to do with the change happening to the planet.
  • Looking at these grids that are coming in through this particular area of planet, meaning North Carolina and down, and back into the grail point. Where we are hoping to redirect these energies, like a tributary moving back down, into the grail point where it needs to go. It needs to return back into its origination point.
  • A part of a intrinsic function, as were redirecting these lay lines a River tributaries back into the grail point, or resetting the spin points where they need to be, or removing the structures that are blocking it. Again think of a river, like a damn, these dams these alien dams we’ve got to take them out. They cannot be there anymore they have to be disassembled, and we may be sent some places to dismantle these things, so the river of energy that is coming from planet Earth’s Ley lines can move into the appropriate networks, that are ultimately more beneficial and supportive. Not only for planet, but for the tribes of collective humanity, and more specifically to the tribes that are impacted by those key codes, of those particular genetics that they may have in their biology, in their spirit and in their biology.
  • So it does seem like we may have more of this revealed in future months. Understanding our role with resetting energetic tributaries and dismantling these particular structures. Understanding how to be in alignment to the Law of Structure, more correctly or more pristinely. Because as we get more educated, as we go through this process of ascension, we get more and more developed in understanding how to work with these structures in the field and see the changes made to the Lightbody.


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by Angelina Stojic,   Guest writer, In5D.com

So, I am led to write about the exchange of energies through photon light within our body system and how it generates the changes within our system.

Thanks to   https://in5d.com/photons-neurons-electrons-a-specific-physical-change-is-taking-place/

It is a really important time of change and rediscovery in our lives and our world to embrace new ways of transforming, transmuting energy.  The change that is occurring is on many levels for the evolution and progression of who we truly are. Light beings.

Photons Neurons and Electrons are part of that process to assist us in moving into this new way.

In simple terms we can utilize the energies around us to help assist, change and shift the energies or codes within us.  These three were given to me to share with you about the importance of these three particles.

PHOTONS are just particles of energy containing light…

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