Spiritual Contract Removal – Andrew Bartzis

Soul Contract Revocations

By Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian.


Contract Removal for Media Systems ……………………………………2 Revocation of Banking systems …………………………………………….5 Revocation of Government…………………………………………………..8 Soul Contract Revocation for the Divine Masculine……………….12 Soul Contract Removal to Free the Divine Feminine………………15


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Sandra Walter ~Transfiguration: Truth and Triggers

Transfiguration: Truth and Triggers

Transfiguration – the embodiment of a very high light quotient which aligns us with Divine Will, Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Creative Intelligence for our higher purpose.


 I felt transfiguration would be a lengthy process, something the body vehicle would need months and months to accomplish. Religion’s tales of people bursting into bright visible light seemed distorted, or at least exaggerated for effect. Last weekend changed everything for me, and my attempts to describe it cannot capture the full realm of this experience. I feel blessed beyond belief to be here, now, on this planet, experiencing the miraculous transfiguration of my beingness in such a conscious way.


The new frequency – this absolutely powerful level of lovelight intelligence, is becoming intense for a few of us. The Solar Cosmic Christ activations are penetrating everything and overpowering all that was – for those choosing to embody this right here, right now. Continue reading “Sandra Walter ~Transfiguration: Truth and Triggers”


Tri-Wave Consciousness

Trinity Source of the Godhead

(Redirected from Tri-wave Consciousness)

To understand the Tri-wave Consciousness, think of the three sources of the original primal sounds of universal creation—The Threefold Flame. The first unit, as an energy matrix unit is a tri-wave, that which contains potentials for all polarities or no polarity. No polarity means this is the neutral charge, or Zero Point, the Godhead is that central point of all union, which this planet is moving into direct alignment with. The Three Flames are all One, and yet they are distinct tones on their own.  Please continue reading


Lisa Renee – Reversal 55 Grid

Reversal 55 Grid

The ES Website was manifested on 9/11/2007 with special master code (re-encryption to distorted base code architecture in the controller grids) to override the 911 Timelines and its Morphogenetic Field grid connected to 3D Timelines and their grids 555 and 553. These are inorganic Timelines that are based on the Fibonacci sequence that manifests in Metatronic Reversal, reverse merkaba ratios based on mathematical doubling of harmonics related to number 5, used by Thoth Grids to hijack the DNA from the Astral fields and thwart the progression of Expanding Consciousness of the earth and humanity.

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We are – Joy Williams w/ Lyrics


The song We Are by Joy Williams, with lyrics. Hope you enjoy!
This is your first step
Light is caught in your eyes

Heart beats
To the rhythm of the city streets
Can you feel it Can you feel it

We are one
We are reaching out
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Lisa Renee – The Fine Print

Category: The Fine Print

Starseed and Indigo, Welcome!

The Fine Print:

I. Divine Will is “Service to Other’s” orientation and is the New Plan and Law for the Changing of the Guard being positioned now.

II. It was never about “You”. You just thought so for awhile. Your body belongs to God Source and is a vehicle of Christ Intelligence. You are the returning embodiment of the “Christ Intelligence to the Earth”.

III. As a Vehicle of Christ Intelligence you will be required to do things your ego personality does not want to do. You will deliver Group Souls by releasing their bondage to the dark by Power in the Truth of the Light. You are an Emissary and Protector of the Divine Plan and Logos, the Word of God.

IV. You are to learn perfect “Service to Others” orientation without imposing your personal will. You are required to have no attachment to the outcome or to the result of your service. Self interest is now taken to the back seat in order to serve the greater Whole.

V. You will be penalized energetically if you persist in manifestation via the manipulation of forces to superimpose your personal agenda or ego will desire. You must master forces of Divine Inspiration over Personal Aspiration. You are being tested heavily to build this discernment through “Dark Arts Training” happening now.

VI. Consumptive Modeling is completed as Law on this Planet therefore all energies or spirit bodies that have been misdirected or used at the expense of another will be balanced back into a perfect equilibrium of the Forces. Return to the Rightful Owner is in effect however must be claimed in the authority of the Embodied Christ in God.

VII. You have accepted this “Clause” through being physically embodied at this time of the Ascension. You will either leave your body to continue this school or stay to Serve the Others. (Mission briefing complete.)

Indigo and Starseed you will live in joy through purposeful living, do not mistake this message as terse or insensitive to your hearts desires. Inner peace is waiting inside your heart as you strip the poison of addictive desire from your ego. You are the Sovereign Law made Manifest! For ONE and for All! 


This website is hosted through the AoA Earth Project as a human and Enlightened Extraterrestrial  collaboration between ES Community and  the GSF Stewards, The Krystal Star Intelligence and the Aurora Guardians. I am God! I am Sovereign! I am Free!


Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Courtesy of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Pippin: “I didn’t think it would end this way.”

Gandalf: “End? No, the journey doesn’t end here. Death is just another path. One that we all must take.”

Gandalf: “The gray rain curtain of this world rolls back, and all turns to silver glass. And then you see it.”

Pippin: “What, Gandalf? See what?”

Gandalf: “White shores. And beyond, the far green country, under a swift sunrise.”

Pippin: “Well, that isn’t so bad.”

Gandalf: “No. No, it isn’t.”

Source: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

birthing bed confession (audio poetry 2:30)

be whole now

S.O.S.S.O.S. by Evelyn de Morgan, 1914

To you alone this confession I make,
I did not come here
to be entertained into slack-jawed obscurity –
Even in the midst of a talkative crowd
I seek to sink my line deeply into Divine waters,
The jib-jabbery of distraction bludgeons
the sanctity of a poised silence
Yet more times than I care to count,
I have wielded the weapon well

Between you and me and no one else,
I have time and again led myself
into a corner of self-created separatism,
Predisposed by an ardent architecture of Spirit
that renders instrumentation askew –
But I grant you willingly that I knew no other way!
And this I will not deny

Of my own volition I allow,
I have walked the plank
with my heart jitterbugging in the palm of my hand,
Neural ribbons clogged and jammed
with the rush-hour crawl of chemistry –

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KaRa Of Pleiades ~ Changes Continue ~ February 22, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Channel: James McConnell

am KaRa. It is wonderful to be back with you, and to have these
opportunities to be able to share with this group, and to the many, the
many beyond this group who would resonate to these words, who would hear them and be able to take these words into their very being.

as the changes continue on, not only outside of yourselves, but within
yourselves, for many of you are certainly changing within. Your
consciousness is raising on a daily basis—no, even a moment-by-moment
basis. Consciousness cannot be stopped. The rising of consciousness
cannot be stopped, and will not be stopped. Because as consciousness
continues to raise, you continue to raise. All of life here on the
planet continues to raise.

of us in our Pleiadean ships, those of us who are the emissaries that
are coming to many across the planet through…

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DailyOM – Staying Grounded in a Big City or Busy World: Staying Conscious

Forever Unlimited

Staying Grounded in a Big City or Busy World: Staying Conscious

by Madisyn Taylor

For a more grounded life, choose not to get caught up in the fast-paced world around you.

1. Live simply and live deliberately. By choosing not to get caught up in the details of this fast-paced world, you are doing your part to slow down the rat race and quell consumerism. You will also discover that you have more time to enjoy being alive.

2. Stay in touch with yourself. Soul searching, meditation, and journaling are just a few of the many activities you can take part in to stay aware and learn as much as you can about your emotions, reactions, likes, dislikes, dreams, and fears. Having a solid sense of self gives you a firm foundation for living in this world.

3. Support or teach others as often as you can. This can help…

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“The Daily Angel” February 23rd

New Beginnings Guatemala

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
welcome to another day of my new column “The Daily Angel” with more advice from the angelic realms. DON’T FORGET TO SIGN UP RIGHT HERE, on the right sidebar of my homepage, to get the information delivered into your mailbox every morning!
Many of you might be aware that we just recently past a Virgo Full Moon and such an influence usually allows those who are consciously working with the universal energies to take the chance and renew their personal energy field on profound levels. Todays number frequency reflects this collective change with a powerful confirmation.

This is the Angelic Number most vivid today:
Angel Number 818:
Repeatedly seeing the Angel Number 818 is talking to us about the end of a significant and important phase in our life. Every part of our life that is not quite flowing as we need it, does…

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The Problems of Society ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have the ability to see the best in all of you, and yet, we can still be objective about your progress. We are able to determine the overall frequency of the human collective consciousness, and we do see improvements every single day. You are definitely moving in the right direction. Now, many of you are able to see the best in your fellow humans, even when they are not showing you their best, and this is an admirable trait.

There is a range within that frequency of the human collective consciousness, and the upper echelon of that frequency range will put you so close to a complete fifth dimensional experience that you will find yourself living a beautiful life. And in the lower echelon of the current frequency range, you will find yourself living…

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Godwriting Spills Out! | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, as in life, Godwriting isn’t about filling in the blanks. You are one of the seeming individuals in the world who require a wider passage than what can fit into a narrow mold. You, on the other hand, just crave greater breathing room or bolder colors, some other way to reach home.

The world likes to use prepared outlines to fill in or check off. This is not the case for everyone, not for Me, God, in any case. I am spontaneous and extemporaneous. I am Infinite. I am also instant. This is how Godwriting happens. It spurts out in a stream from Me almost silently as it arrives. You are not offered a Hollywood preview by any means; one chance at a time. Even as the same stream of My heart flows through you, Godwriting arises as it arises.

A Godwriting may arrive in installments. One…

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What is compassion?

Druid Life

Compassion, as a spiritual virtue, is something I’ve only ever aspired to, and not with much hope of being able to achieve it. As a spiritual concept, it comes up in many religions – Hindu, Jain and Buddhist thinking explores compassion as something to practice, while Judaism, Christianity and Islam tend to see it as the territory of God. Either way, it’s not easy work.

Compassion comes from the person feeling it. There are no transactions here, no earning the right to be treated compassionately. To be truly compassionate is not to judge. I tend to judge. It means what I do is better framed as kindness, or sympathy because it is partial and I know I cannot extend it to everyone. How you manifest your compassion may well depend on judgement, but the initial recognition of a fellow suffering human does not.

I would like to be able to…

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